Inspirational Duo The Sonflowerz Raise Funds For New EP & Book To Save A Generation

Inspirational Duo The Sonflowerz Raise Funds For New EP & Book To Save A Generation

Colorado based sister duo The Sonflowerz (Elissa Leander Tipps and Becca Leander Nicholson) have been ministered together since their teenage years spanning over a decade, producing 6 albums, innumerable concerts and impact during that time frame with a ministry for teen girls established.

The Sonflowerz, known for their worshipful and inspiring Pop songs, including ‘My Adoration’ and ‘By Faith,’ have launched a Kickstarter campaign in support of a new EP as well as a devotional book and a ministry-focused, interactive tour for tween and teen-aged girls.

“From that first moment of sharing our songs, we’ve had a desire to use music as a tool to be a voice to and for young women,” explains Elissa. “We said ‘yes’ to God and continued to write, sing and speak where He led, often finding ourselves in places we never imagined – from a small town near Southhampton, England to Lifeway’s You And Your Girl conferences that drew thousands of moms and daughters from around the U.S.”

Launching the The Sonflowerz Kickstarter campaign, Elissa and Becca hope to engage their fans of all ages in being part of the development of their new 6-song EP ‘Love Walked In,’ which is due for release on 10th September 2013. The campaign will also help fund a 30-day devotional book titled ‘Made To Shine,’ which was inspired by conversations with young girls and named after a song written for a victim of bullying.

Along with the EP and book, the duo will embark on a ministry-focused tour of ‘Made To Shine’ events for girls ages 10-18. For The Sonflowerz, writing songs is just the beginning. “Girls fight against all kinds of obstacles in our culture,” says Becca. “Peer pressure alone brings an onslaught of identity crisis, self-hatred, depression and loneliness. Add in the fatherless factor, which nearly one-third of kids in the U.S. live with, and you have a desperate generation of girls in need of love.” “So at the events, we will spend time speaking from the book and performing songs from our new recording,” adds Elissa. “We’ll break through peer pressure, common lies they believe, answer their questions and reveal to them their true identity as daughters of God… each song, every word and all that we do is to point them to Jesus. Hopefully our friends will want to come alongside and be a part of it.”

For more information on The Sonflowerz, including album, book and tour updates and free chord charts, visit their website. Donate to The Sonflowerz Kickstarter campaign HERE!!!

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