Integrity Music Release ‘Kingdom’ From Covenant Worship

Integrity Music Release Kingdom From Covenant Worship

Integrity Music have the highly-anticipated worship album, ‘Kingdom,’ from Covenant Worship, the dynamic music ministry of Dallas, TX-based Covenant Church. Released on 1st July 2014, this will be Covenant Church’s second recording released internationally in partnership with Integrity Music.

Recorded live at Covenant Church, a 10,000 member, multi-cultural and multi-campus congregation led by Pastors Mike and Kathy Hayes, ‘Kingdom’ features Covenant’s choir and worship team led by worship pastors David and Nicole Binion. ‘Kingdom’ also features Covenant worship leaders Joshua Defrene and Colin Edge and guest vocals from five-time GRAMMY Award winner, Israel Houghton, who produced the project and co-wrote eight of the album’s tracks.

The Covenant Worship team explains the journey that led to their latest album, ‘Kingdom’:

“Our Senior Pastor Mike Hayes was talking about getting to a new place with God—a place that’s more than simply a restoration of how things used to be…some place entirely new, a place of creativity and breakthrough that will flow out from our church here in Dallas, TX and affect the nations. The words that he shared in our church got us all thinking, and over the days and weeks that followed, we found that we’re talking about something that we call a ‘kingdom renaissance.’ In time, these prayers and conversations became an album – called Kingdom.”

“We talk about the way that the Renaissance represented a wave of new art, literature and ideas that shifted a culture from the old world into the new.   It’s that very word – ‘renaissance’ – that jumps inside us. Pretty soon we’re finding that new songs are unleashed, and our church is being taken to an exciting new place in our worship… The result? A collection of songs that aim to take the people of God to a new mindset, a new plane as the body of Christ. The simple, beautiful, life-changing truth is that God has a great plan in mind for His people. He always has, and He always does. The church of Jesus Christ now lives in a world of dramatic and rapid change, and God is giving us creative ideas that the world will look to for direction and inspiration. This is the heartbeat of our church, and the heartbeat of the ‘kingdom renaissance’.”

Capturing the live worship experience at Covenant Church, ‘Kingdom’ introduces 12 new songs, including the title track, plus the exclusive bonus song, ‘I Am Loved Medley,’ to be released as part of the digital album.

Track Listing:

  • New Every Morning (feat. David Binion and Joshua Dufrene)
  • Risen (feat. Nicole Binion and Israel Houghton)
  • Good To Me (feat. Colin Edge and Joshua Dufrene)
  • Can’t Stop Singing (feat. Nicole Binion, Joshua Dufrene and Israel Houghton)
  • Let The Name of Jesus Reign (feat. Colin Edge)
  • Kingdom Come (feat. David Binion, Nicole Binion and Joshua Dufrene)
  • More Holy Spirit (feat. Joshua Dufrene, David Binion, Colin Edge and Nicole Binion)
  • Your Kingdom Knows No End (feat. David Binion and Joshua Dufrene)
  • Closer (feat. Joshua Dufrene and Nicole Binion)
  • Here Waiting (feat. Nicole Binion)
  • Not Ashamed (feat. Joshua Dufrene)
  • First Loved Me (feat. Nicole Binion)
  • *Bonus Song (digital album): I Am Loved Medley (Oh What Love/ I Love You Lord/ My Jesus I Love Thee/ First Loved Me — feat. David Binion, Israel Houghton and Nicole Binion)

The Covenant Worship team will share their new songs at the church’s annual Covenant Conference to be held in Carrolton, TX June 25-27. The team is also planning a summer tour for July and August that includes stops in Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Texas and Florida.

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