Interview With Grammy Award Winning Artist Myron Butler

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Hot on the release of his latest album ‘Revealed’ we caught up with Grammy award winning record producer, singer-songwriter, music director, vocalist, organist, and pianist Myron Butler

What was your introduction into music?

“I was introduced to music in the church.”

What was the first song you ever wrote and what was the story behind it?

“That’s a tough one. I would write songs when I was young. I would teach those songs to my cousins. However I don’t recall them. But the first song that I wrote that was published was titled ‘Lift Him Up’ it was recorded by the DFW Mass Choir.”

Many people don’t know this but at one point you were an integral part of God’s property… How did that happen?

“We all went to an Arts school here in Dallas. I put together a choir to record some songs I was going to submit to the GMWA(Gospel Music Workshop of America). The momentum grew and the choir eventually formed into what became God’s Property.”

You also recorded and toured with Kirk Franklin for a number of years… What was it that made you make the transition and step out and start Myron Butler & Levi?

“I’ve always known that God called me to lead. When God spoke it to me I responded “God we don’t need another group!” Almost 10 years later I am thankful that I was obedient.”

Was that an easy thing to do? (leaving Kirk and the team).

“I really wasn’t. Kirk is my mentor/friend/brother and I have to admit that I had become comfortable just being in the background. The one thing that has made the transition easier is that I still sing with him from time to time. Whether it’s in the studio or on live shows.”

You’re a gifted song-writer… Do you have have a method of writing a song? What happens when you write a song?

“I think the song writing process is different for everyone. Song ideas (lyrics & melodies) jump out at me all the time. Most times I will record a sketch of what I hear and then attempt to develop it.”

What tips would you give to a budding songwriter to help them improve their song-writing skills?

“The best piece of advice I would give is to make writing a part of your daily routine. I believe that song writing is both a gift and a craft. And you must continually sharpen your craft/gift.”

If you had to choose a song to be the soundtrack of your life, what would it be and why?


Which singer/musician has had the most influence on you… from childhood all the way through until now?

“Thomas Whitfield”

You just recorded your latest project live. How did it go?

“It was great! It was truly a Worship experience!”

What are you expecting to be fan favourite songs?

“It’s my desire that the entire project will everyone’s favourite. I really pray the entire body of work blesses the listeners.”

Any idea of when it’ll be released?

“It is scheduled to release in September of this year.”

We’ve read that you’re going to be Pastoring/Ministry outside of music? Is that true?

“LOL!!! I must be honest and admit that I do believe I feel the Lord moving me in that direction but I want to move in God’s timing.”

What ambitions do you have for your ministry with Levi? Where do you see it going next?

“It’s my desire that the ministry that God has given me with Levi becomes a catalyst for the ministry of the members of Levi. It’s my desire that God continues to allow the ministry to impact the world.”

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    Read Our Interview With Grammy Award Winning Artist @MyronButler here –> #Interview #Levi #Gospel #Revealed

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