Introducing: Shackleton – The Mesmirising, Intoxicating 4-Piece Band


The mesmerising and intoxicating sounds that these 4 boys create when together is starting to cause quite a stir…

Combining epic guitar driven songs and hook riddled melodies their sound is raw, honest, and uplifting. It’s hard not to notice the immense fun and obvious connection these boys have with each other and with the sound they create and this sense of fun is infectious. Whether rocking a pub in London or playing a festival somewhere around the world, the venues change but the message stays the same: lyrics that speak of honesty, truth, and ooze a love that this generation desperately needs!

And the future is bright for Shackleton.

Ever since the release of their self-titled debut EP and their first few years tearing up clubs and pubs around the UK, Shackleton have not sat still, headlining their first international festival in Switzerland ’08, and pressing on, taking them on to bigger stages and supporting bigger acts. And along the way new songs have been sparking, songs that will take human emotions on a joyride and leave you humming an unforgettable tune on your way home…

But of course, this is just the start for Shackleton and they are always preparing for the next stage of the journey, readying themselves for what is next. There’s no doubt this close-knit group have something to say, and they’ll say it in a way that will ensure they have your attention.

Lead singer and guitarist in the band, hailing from Cape Town South Africa. Quin has led a well travelled life, touring and singing and is an accomplished songwriter, having written songs that have been involved in many projects you will have probably heard of.

Is the drummer of the band and highly recognisable for his blonde mop and infectious fun character. Ben is a hugely experienced drummer, playing with some of the worlds best artists but has no doubts in saying Shackleton is the most fun band he has ever played in!

The lead guitarist in the band, hailing from Manchester (where brother and drummer Ben funnily enough comes from too!), has a distinctive massive guitar sound that is at the heart of Shackleton and Nick’s passion for the band can easily be spotted at gigs, pouring himself into his playing.

Bass player and backing vocalist for the band, Will is a keen songwriter and producer who is behind most of what you hear on Shackleton records. Working with renown and upcoming artists in the music industry, Will is excited for the impact Shackleton and their songs will have.

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