J. Moss ‘V4… The Other Side’ Review

J. Moss 'V4... The Reason' AlbumReview

J. Moss has an absolutely amazing voice and his production skills are fantastic and have influenced a generation of singers, producers and music lovers alike. I hadn’t listened to any J. Moss music for a while so I was open to the new album ‘V4… The Other Side’ and was eagerly anticipating some new, fresh and exciting music.

The album kicked off with ‘God’s Got It,’ a simple and quite underwhelming track. The production is very minimalistic and there isn’t much lyrical depth which surprised me. It does have a nice feel that you can nod your head to and the line, “People looking for jobs, no-one looking for God…” did stand out.

‘I’mma Do It’ is a gritty Urban song that will be sure to get people doing the famous dougie and definitely a song that will shake a room (from the sub bass drum pattern).

‘Strong Enough’ was the first song that got my attention and it reminded me of the RnB of the early 90’s, built on a sold groove with sweet guitar licks and piano accents providing the basis of the melody while ‘Good & Bad’ sounds more like a conventional “Gospel” song on which J. Moss speaks of the love God which is reflected in the opening section of the song… “You loved me through my good. You loved through my bad. You loved me through my good. You loved me through my bad. You didn’t erase my future because of my past. I’m glad you loved me through my good and my bad.”

‘Good Day’ is one of those inspirational and positive songs featuring a children’s choir that verges on the brink of cheesy. Even though it features Kierra Sheard and Karen Clark-Sheard, I didn’t actually realise that until I looked at the track list and saw their names because I skipped the song every time it came around…

‘You Did It’ again had the nice 90’s RnB sound to it just as ‘Strong Enough’ does. I was a little bit confused about the choice of feature on this track. While I love James Fortune, I found his speak/preach ad-libs quite distracting, not really adding anything to the song.

‘Keep Your Head Up’ has a similar vibe (mainly in the drive of the beat) to Trin-i-Tee 5:7’s song ‘Holla’. It has the “nod your head factor” and would definitely get people moving on a hot summers day party.

I found ‘V4… The Other Side’ really hard to review for a number of reasons. J. Moss is a legendary singer, songwriter and producer but after listening to the album many times I still found myself unable to pick a stand-out song. Really hoping that I had “missed it” and the album just needed to grow on me, I listened to it non-stop for nearly 2 weeks in the hope that I would catch what I was “missing.”

The Urban/Electro styled tracks sounded like there was something missing from them while on a lot of the other tracks it sounded like the songs were empty and lacked substance but with that said, that is a popular music trend right now so maybe it’s just the musician in me crying out for more.

If you’re a die hard J. Moss fan then there’s lots you’ll like about ‘V4… The Other Side’J. Moss’s signature vocals, music that you can reflect on while listening to and music that you can get your dance on to and everything in between. However if you’re not, this could just be an album of nice sounding music that gets listened to from time-to-time.

Lyrically I found the album to be a little bit lightweight/shallow. If you’re a new Christian or in the “babe in Christ” phase of your walk I think a lot of the themes covered (restoration, God never leaving you, God being there in the good and the bad and not using your past against you) will resonate with you. However if you’re a bit more mature in your walk and want songs with strong scriptural references, strong theology and songs that can take you deep in worship then this album could seem a little like milk when you’ve moved on to meat.

Track List:

God’s Got It

Imma Do It

Take Me

Strong Enough

Good & Bad

Good Day

Caught Up In Love


You Did

Holy Is Your Word

The Prayers

The Other Side Of Victory

Keep Your Head Up

Good & Bad (Remix Club Mix)


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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