J. Williams Shares His Experience Of Being On ITV’s ‘Let’s Get Gold’

The Street Team

A few weeks ago one of UK Gospel’s most talented young men graced our TV screens. Unlike other UK Gospel talent who have entered music contests, J. Williams (pictured far right), a producer, arranger, songwriter and artist was featured on a new talent show called ‘Let’s Get Gold,’ a sports entertainment mini-series of three episodes, hosted by Vernon Kay featuring Rio Ferdinand, Una Healy, Freddie Flintoff and Martine McCutcheon as judges on the show.

J. Williams appeared on ‘Let’s Get Gold’ as a member of The Street Team, who specialize is street basketball.

We caught up with J. Williams to learn a little bit more about his exploits outside of music, The Street Team and the experience of being on ‘Let’s Get Gold’.

M-brio Music: So how did you get into basketball?

J. Williams: “I began playing basketball around the age of ten. I then discovered street basketball when i was about 15 and that is where my love and passion for it grew.”

M-brio Music: Did you start music or basketball first and which would you say is your first love?

J. Williams: “I started basketball and music around the same time so it became a balancing act.”

M-brio Music: If you had to choose which one would you choose?

J. Williams: “If i had to choose between music and basketball despite my huge love for both, music would definitely take precedence.”

M-brio Music: That’s reassuring to know as J. Williams music is music we’ve become very fond of and after his debut EP ‘The Starting Line’ has left us wanting more. He gave us peace of mind saying, “Don’t worry you will not be losing me to basketball!”

M-brio Music: What was the experience of being on the show like? Did your faith help you in any way?

J. Williams: “The TV organisers were quite interested to hear that i was a Gospel artist as well. I guess it was a bit “out of the norm” for them.”

J. Williams: “Being the only Christian in my team, i am often looked at as the “peacemaker”. My fellow team mates Andrew, Tarryn and Big Fen are constantly overwhelmed by the support that i receive from the Gospel industry for my music as well as my basketball. I reckon me being the only Christian gives them a little glimpse of it all, especially because they do not come from Christian backgrounds.”

M-brio Music: Can people watch the Street Team anywhere?

J. Williams: The Street Team do workshops in schools teaching children basketball skills.”

J. Williams: “We have a frequent basketball camp that we put on for the youth that are based in Essex called ‘The Street Team Academy’.”

J. Williams: “We are also available to bookings for different sporting events and we’re currently gearing up for a JD SPORTS tour that we will be involved in, covering major cities in the UK like London, Manchester, Cardiff and Birmingham and many more.”

J. Williams: “For more information do visit our website on www.thestreetteam.co.uk and follow them you can also follow us on twitter @thestreetteam for updates on the events that we are involved in.”

M-brio Music: Are you working on any new music?

J. Williams: “Yeah will be releasing a couple of singles this year. Also will be collaborating on a few albums this year so watch out for that.”

Look out for new music from J. Williams and also check out his debut EP ‘The Starting Line’ on iTunes. J. Williams can also be heard on various other projects with JayEss, Tru2DaName, Deborah, Bruthaman and ForeverChrist.

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    I share My Experience Of Being On #ITV’s @LetsGetGold With @TheStreetTeam In An Exclusive Interview With @MBRIO: http://t.co/IxYAlNLN


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    I share My Experience Of Being On #ITV’s @LetsGetGold With @TheStreetTeam In An Exclusive Interview @MBRIOMUSIC: http://t.co/IxYAlNLN

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