Jahaziel ‘Heads Up’ Album Review

Jahaziel Heads Up Album Review

Jahaziel is back with the album Christian Hip Hop lovers have been waiting for, for some time. The release of the ‘Still Living’ Mix-Tape wet the whistle of many fans but there was an anticipation for something that would quench the thirst of all those waiting for this project.

After being signed to Xist Music the pressure was on for ‘Heads Up’ to be a big album and that, it is.

Jahaziel has masterfully kept his unique and distinct sound, flow and paradoxically laid back but high-energy vocal approach to the tracks knowing when to hit hard and when to let the tracks breathe. His clever lyricism articulates messages of life, love and faith and presents a holistic message set to voluminous and eclectic production that embodies the emotions of every song effortlessly.

From the Trap styled ‘Amen’ which made me want to dance “cause I aint afraid to praise Him like I should” to the Rap & Blues ‘My Angel,’ (which is smoothly poetic and expressive addressing the topic of true love and even gifting young single men out there a few new lines to use) “you must be hiding wings, you’re angelic, I’m drawn by your force your aura’s magnetic…” each track brings bread to the cutting board.

From the humbling ‘Famous’ which see’s Jahaziel share a turning point in his life “oh, yeah my knees had to bend I felt the need to repent, I was so greedy for stuff that nothing could keep me content…” to the Reggae-Pop flavoured ‘Hold On’ which is bright, colourful and melodic adding that extra bit of cultural diversity not normally heard on a CHH album, ‘Heads Up’ doesn’t disappoint and continues to engage the listener from beginning to the end.

Lyrically there’s enough substance to keep the thinkers happy and enough clever/witty metaphors to keep you on the edge of your seat with Jahaziel addressing the topic of “Christian rapper” or “rapper that’s a Christian” on ‘V.O.H’ and using subject matter from popular 80’s movies (Rocky, Short Circuit and Demolition Man) on ‘Famous’ to relay his message… “See how I was a robot, now I’m alive, He short circuited my sin, man, I’m Johnny 5.”

If you’re looking for a good CHH album then you won’t get much better than ‘Heads Up’. If you want an album that has a familiar, yet distinct and diverse sound, then ‘Heads Up’ is a good choice, with its experimentation with genres without going too far to disengage the listener and perfectly chosen collaborations with artists who add and don’t take away from the tracks.

From the reverberations of the cries of the ghettos on ‘They Don’t Know’ to Jahaziel tackling Godly love on ‘My Angel’ the subject matter on the album is as deep as it is diverse.

It could be said that the ‘Heads Up’ theme/concept was pushed more through the branding of the album than the coherent message/journey of the album but all in all this is a strong album and on par with any other top CHH release with the cultural diversity expressed in the production making ‘Heads Up’ stand out from the crowd.

Track Listing:

Stand out tracks*

  • I Said Yeah
  • Amen*
  • Famous*
  • Go Get Em
  • V.O.H*
  • They Don’t Know*
  • Hold On*
  • Round and Round
  • Falling Stars
  • My Angel*
  • Better*
  • Numbers Game
  • Forever More*


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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