Jahaziel Impacts Communities With Urban Mission & A New Single ‘They Don’t Know’ Feat. Maxi Priest

Jahaziel Impacts Communities With Urban Mission & A New Single They Don't Know Feat. Maxi Priest

Xist Music artist Jahaziel released his latest single ‘They Don’t Know’ featuring Reggae music legend Maxi Priest who also the London based rapper’s uncle.

“This song is a social commentary describing the darker side of the community I live in. A side that many within it want to escape, and one that many outside of it would rather ignore,” shares Jahaziel.

“Drug trafficking, sexual abuse, robbery, murder, unemployment and broken homes are just some of the things I have seen personally where I live and I have seen these things throughout my life growing up in urban environments.”

After leaving comfort and humbling the life of his family, Jahaziel moved to north London and joined The Eden Network, developing young people and training them to be “Urban Missionaries.”

‘They Don’t Know’ is steeped in Jahaziel’s first hand experiences working with the deprived, disaffected and born into an environment of drugs, violence, sexual abuse and more which is displayed in the lyrics of the song.

“Getting jobs aint easy when you got no CV. Just a record but not no CD. I see these guys remaining in the same spot. Instead of changing they’re complaining what they aint got…”

“All communities (especially the poor ones) are filled with hurting people. People who have been so beaten by life’s storms that they’ve lost hope. As part of Christ’s body I see it as my responsibility to go to the poor, the sick, the hopeless and demonstrate to them that there is a God who see’s their tears and will answer their cry if they will turn to Him.”

‘They Don’t Know’ is available now from iTunes and is released in the lead up to the PreacherBoy Entertainment artist’s forthcoming album.

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