Jamie Grace ‘One Song At A Time’ Review

One Song At A Time

Jamie Grace is a gifted teenager singing and writing songs that gleam which glisten with a youthful laid-back characterstic about them. At only 19 years of age she’s signed to Gotee Records, a well established record label run by Joey Elwood and the super talented and GRAMMY award winning artist TobyMac.

‘One Song At A Time’ is an album full of acoustic pop with inspirational heart-felt renditions from Jamie showcasing her clean, pop-esque vocals and her abilty to express herself through song. The album was produced by Christopher Stevens (TobyMac, Carrie Underwood) with additioanl production from GabeReal and Dave Wyatt (of Diverse City) and David Garcia (Mandisa, Group 1 Crew).

The album starts off with the acoustic ‘Ready To Fly,’ which embodies old school, vintage acoustic music sound embodying a classic almost country-like vibe.

‘Hold Me’ showcases great harmonies on the chorus’ and although there’s only a few chords to the song presents enough diversity to keep the listener engaged.

‘Holding On’ is perfectly placed on the album, breaking away from guitar led songs to a piano ballad.

‘You Lead’ is definitely a stand out stack… from the minute it came on the groove captured our attention and the chorus ‘You lead, I’ll follow, your hands hold my tomorrow, your grip, your grace, you know the way you guide me tenderly…’  definitely engages the listener with reassuring lyrics and one of the most sing-able melodies of 2011.

‘One Song At A Time’ starts off with a Caribbean calypso influenced feel to it and goes on to change stylistically a few times before returning back to the original calypso style which is quite ironic considering the title…

Overall this is a great acoustic pop album. The only thing that could have made it better would have been use of more live instruments, particularly drums. With the organic sounds of the guitars and the natural feel that created through the album sometimes the mechanical ‘rigidness’ of the programmed drums took away from the overall musical experience.

‘One Song At A Time’ makes a refreshing change to the normal synth heavy, hard-hitting, dance-floor pop that is dominating the charts all over the world and presents a much smoother, easy listening experience that can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life and from generation to generation.


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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