Stellar Award Nominee Jamie Simond Releases Debut Solo Album ‘Collage’

Stellar Award Nominee Jamie Simond Releases Debut Solo Album Collage

Jamie Simond, former member of Walt Whitman’s Soul Children of Chicago (lead singer on their smash hit, ‘Use Me’) and former member of the Stellar nominated group NuWave (which subsequently became the Word Records recording group, Fortitude) releases his first recording as a solo artist with the album ‘Collage’ on 16th April 2013. As a featured artist on the Goldstreet Gospel Entertainment label distributed by INgrooves Fontana, Jamie has truly incorporated the spirit of the label’s brand as the Home of New Gospel Soul.

Jamie Simond’s CD, ‘Collage’ incorporates Praise and Worship, Urban Inspirational Gospel and so much more. “‘Collage,’ musically it’s all over the place – different sounds, different genres but they all come together to honor God who is my inspiration; who is the Head of all; who is control of us all,” Jamie states.

From the emotional urgency of the amazing song ‘Power’ to the uptempo, contemporary song ‘I Need You’ to the acoustic based song ‘Reach For God,’ Jamie has recorded songs that will touch all ages and all segments of the Gospel recording industry as well other genres of music.

With the debut single ‘Reach For God,’ Jamie tells us, “…this song (‘Reach For God’) is really a journey of different pieces of my life. We go through so many different things on the way to finding God and to being closer to Him, so I just really tried to give songs that would convey the sum total of what I have been through to where I am now and I know that there are some people who will be able to relate to these songs.”

“Confusion you can leave it all behind. Understanding, my God will help you find If you’re down, you can reach for God. If you’re out, you can reach for God.” – Lyrics from ‘Reach For God’.

As the former Praise and Worship leader at The House of Hope in Chicago and currently as the Minister of Music at Lilydale Progressive M.B. Church, Jamie connects with adults but also appeals to the youth ministry with songs that encompass the best elements of every aspect of Gospel music. ‘Collage’ is the CD that will unite people everywhere.

“Prayerfully, people will hear the music and they can see themselves in the lyrics, and see different situations that they have gone through in every song. I really believe that there is something there for every person no matter what the age is – old or young. I really believe that it will get to the heart of where people are; so this is the record that we are doing – it’s called ‘Collage’.”

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