Jason Castro Releases New Album ‘Only A Mountain’ & Tops Charts

Jason Castro Releases New Album Only A Mountain & Tops Charts

Jason Castro released his first full length debut album ‘Only A Mountain’ on 15th January 2013 via the Word Entertainment seeing the album reach the top 5 on the Christian & Gospel charts.

“This album to me is really kind of a breakthrough,” Castro confesses. “It feels like this veil has been lifted.”

Produced by Matt Bronleewe, Ben Glover, and David Garcia, Only a Mountain’ has 11 original tracks (all written or co-written by Castro) are primed to appeal to fans both old and new, whether they discovered his unique voice via his captivating run on American Idol, or have found their lives touched by one of his melodic, heartfelt performances in the years since.

The songs on Only A Mountain’ are fueled by “the realization that life is beautiful,” Castro says. “It’s a lifestyle philosophy that I carry: What good can we do today? How can we be a light in the challenging world in which we currently live? I feel like I’m coming into my own. This is just my story to tell.”

Castro’s deepening musical chops are apparent on every track of Only A Mountain,’ which explodes out of the speakers with strength, integrity and confidence.

“I think as a kid, sometimes you discredit Christian music because it’s churchy and not cool,” he says, speaking from personal experience. “I was on a plane earlier this year, and I had an old dc Talk album on my iPod. I’d heard itbefore, way back when, but this time when I pressed play, I was really impressed by the production. It really inspired me to think maybe I could reach a kid who’s like I was –who doesn’t think Christian music is that cool. Maybe I can get him or her to listen to the music with a fresh approach?”

“I love ‘Only a Mountain’ as the first single, because I think it sums up a lot of things that I’ve realized in the past few years,” he says. “There’s definitely been a lot of challenges and adversity, and those things have really shaped the album. I’ve found a new life through all of it.”

‘Only A Mountain’ is out now and is available on iTunes and Amazon amongst other online retailers and distribution channels.

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