Je’kob ‘Faith Hope Love’ Review

Jekob Faith Hope Love Album Review

Save The City Records and Washington Projects member Je’kob released his album ‘Faith Hope Love’. Originally released as three separate EP’s ‘Faith,’ ‘Hope,’ and ‘Love,’ this special compilation includes select tracks from each EP along with three “Eutopian” remix tracks making it a 17-track offering of diverse, multifaceted but coherent music.

The album gets started with ‘Love Is All,’ a groovy, synth driven up-beat Pop offering which immediately got my head nodding. I found the song easy to catch and was surprised to hear such depth within the lyrics on what is an easy going song… “So how do we escape from inside this prison, build your relation, kill your religion, there’s 38,000 versions of Christian, twisting the word to fit how they are living…” 

‘Don’t Let Go’ is one of my personal favourites on the album… It has a real club vibe and is definitely current and could stand alongside any of the current club songs at the moment. A great song to dance to and the guitar break down adds a real musical element and a sense of being uplifted… The next time my dreams feel far from reality and I feel like letting go, I’m going to listen to this song.

‘Can’t Have My Soul’ has a great vibe but what stood out to me was the lyical content… The Chorus rings out “You can’t have my soul” while the verses highlight different things that can keep us trapped, doing wrong things and give instruction on how to overcome challenges in life.

Hip Hop lovers will enjoy the old school Hip Hop sound of ‘Make Me Over’ which features Conscience and Nene Lockhart. From the simple piano melody to the percussive beat, laid back/swinging bass and thick, soulful vocals and candid lyrics, ‘Make Me Over’ will evoke introspection/self-examination showing our weakness but highlighting God’s strength.

‘In Your Hands’ has an ambient Pop sound but has all of the characteristics of a worship song you’d hear in church; simple melodies, and simple instrumentation that I could easily hear stripped down for an acoustic performance as well as rocked out for an energetic Sunday morning church song. If there’s such a thing as Pop-Worship… This is it. “From the sea to the swirling of the wind… Yeah, Your glory fills this earth from deep within, and all creation mimics all Your majesty, and all creation longs to see Your face…”

Anyone who watches the TV show ‘The Office’ (American version) will understand why I thought of the show as soon as I heard ‘A Beautiful Place’ (if you’ve heard the theme tune before of course). The melodies are very similar but the similarities stop there. There’s an edgy, Urban feel which gets it’s drive from the simple beat and pulsating synth that really put the bass drivers on my Beats By Dre earphones to the test on the outro which goes full on Dubstep with and left me wanting more.

Before I even heard a word or melody, ‘If I Ruled The World’ had me hooked… The opening drum groove and the gritty guitars along with Je’kob’s smooth vocal approach and intricate harmonies and tonal colours make this song… Think Justin Timberlake and Pharrel with a hint of Timbaland… The song is more than just music though and shares an important message about not letting love slip away and not letting hate see the light of day… “The world keeps spinnin’, and we keep fightin’, and we can’t find our way out, and we keep tryin’, and we keep dyin’, at times I find my faith doubts…”

‘Let Go & Love’ had the same affect on me as ‘If I Ruled The World’. The solid grooving drums laid down the foundation for this song with the introduction of a marching beat giving the song an assertive, anthem-like feel on the choruses. The way the strings dance mirroring the vocal melody on the verses brightens it up and compliments the bass and guitar movements perfectly. This song speaks of us holding onto things that stop up from experiencing love, because time is running out… “Tired of feeling alone, and doubt is my hearts new home, and I’m scared to open my heart, but will I ever start, show me how, Lord I really need you now, can you hear me calling out your name, lost at sea will somebody come save me, Lord I know your love can save the day…”

‘Faith, Hope, Love’ has exceed every expectation I had before listening to it. On my first listen I enjoyed the album and just thought it was a radio friendly album with loads of cool sounding songs but as I listened, the messages within the songs became very apparent and the title of the album started to make sense. ‘Faith Hope Love’ is more than a title but is inspired by 1 Corinthians 13:13 “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

Musically, there are club bangers, a bit of Dubstep, gritty Hip Hop, smooth Soulful vocals and solid grooves. Music for the dance floor, music the shake the room (bass heavy) music that will make you contemplate, music that will inspire, challenge and even music that will make you worship.

Lyrically, ‘Faith, Hope, Love’ is doused in scripture, faith, honesty, testimony and worship with many transparent moments.

Je’kob’s ability to adapt his voice has really blown me away. From Soulful harmonies, to auto-tuned vocals to ambient, Pop vocals and of course Rap, Je’kob delivers on them all. Before I looked at the credits I expected to see multiple credits on each song for vocal appearances and I was blown away to see that Je’kob was able to bring so many different tones and textures to the table and create such an eclectic sounding album.

‘Faith Hope Love’ isn’t to be mistaken for middle of the road CCM… This is a phenomenal album which will take you on a musical journey

Track List:

  • Love is All
  • Don’t Let Go
  • Burn Me Out (featuring Rachel of The Washington Projects)
  • Can’t Have My Soul
  • Boom Shaka Laka
  • Make Me Over (featuring Conscience and Nena Lockhart)
  • Dreams in Your Hands
  • A Beautiful Place
  • If I Ruled the World
  • John 3:16 (featuring KIDD)
  • Hope For Us All (featuring The December Keys)
  • The Test (featuring Deraj)
  • Let Go & Love (featuring The December Keys)
  • Love is All (Eutopian Mix)
  • Boom Shaka Laka (Eutopian Mix)
  • If I Ruled The World (Eutopian Mix)


Reviewed By Matt Brooks 

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