Jessica Reedy ‘From The Heart’ Review

Jessica Reedy From The Heart

Jessica Reedy is someone I know a lot about and who is big amongst my peers but an artist whose music I never really took the time to listen to in great depth.

As I listened to the ‘From The Heart’ I was drawn into the music and the simplistic nature of the songs. One thing that stood out to me was a classic, old school almost Motown-like sound that was present through-out the album subtly but you’ll definitely hear the influence on ‘Put It On The Altar,’ ‘Doctor Love’ and ‘Marching On’.

‘From The Heart’ is music for the soul… It’s very soulful in style but is the kind of album that will take you to a place of contemplation, introspection and soul-searching along with thoughts of thanksgiving and praise when looking at what God has done.

‘Always’ had me reloading the track like a broken record for the first verse “Your smile has disappeared, your face is stained with tears, from pain that seems to never end…” while ‘I’m Still Here’ had me grooving and enjoying the vocals of one my favourite groups; The Soul Seekers.

‘So In Love With You’ blew me away with it’s minimal production but the chord progression and pounding beat on which the vocals float like a cloud in the air on a summer’s day… Simply beautiful. It also left my singing the last refrain of the chorus “All I know is, I’m so in love with you,” on what is a heart-warming love song to God while ‘Doctor Love’ feat. Faith Evans definitely has the get up and dance factor. In what is a very laid back soulful album this song breaks it up with full on energy and the legendary voice of Faith Evans who brings what only she can to the song and that is her rich and luscious tone.

I love Reedy’s version ‘God Has Smiled On Me’ and after so many people have sung this song, how she managed to personalize in such a soulful manner vocally and also lyrically. ‘Blue God’ is an absolute (excuse the out-dated un-cool word) JAM… I could listen to this as an instrumental… Again the minimalistic production and soulful groove make this song for me.

Also featured on the album is ‘Moving Forward,’ written by Israel Houghton and Ricardo Sanchez which has been a massive hit… I prefer the original but it’s a good addition to the album and the way it’s been arranged stays true to the original whilst making it fit in with the rest of the album.

While writing this review, I came to realize that I like this album a lot more than I thought I did. On my quest to pick stand out tracks I found myself compiling nothing more than a full track list for the album… It’s not an upbeat, energetic Pop album but it’s bursting at the seams with soul with touches of RnB that will soothe, uplift and become personal to anyone who listens to it in-depth.

Track List:

  • Put It On The Altar
  • Always
  • I’m Still Here Feat. The Soul Seekers
  • What About Me
  • So In Love With You (Amazing)
  • When I Close My Eyes Feat. Doc Powell
  • Doctor Love Feat. Faith Evans
  • God Has Smiled On Me
  • Something Out Of Nothing
  • Marching On
  • Blue God
  • Moving Forward
  • Where He Leads Me


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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