‘Jesus Culture With Martin Smith: Live From New York’ Review

Jesus Culture With Martin Smith 'Live From New York' Album Review

When I heard that Jesus Culture and Martin Smith were collaborating on a new album, to say I was excited was an understatement. The album titled Jesus Culture With Martin Smith: Live From New York’ is due for release on 20th November 2012 and has the world waiting early anticipating what is to come from this unique collaboration.

‘Fire Never Stops’ opens the album with an in your face anthem like song immediately drawing you into the song and engaging the listener with the chorus, “Oh, oh, my soul, set me on fire…. Oh, oh my soul, light up the fire…”

As I was listening to the album in devotion a song came on that blew my socks off… That song is titled pursuit. Lyrically this song expressed what I wanted from the reflective verse  “Strip everything away till all I have is You. Undo the veil, so all I see is You…” to crescendo of the chorus which engaged my heart and awakened my desire to pursue God… “I will pursue You, I will pursue Your presence…”

One of my favourite songs (which is actually a refrain) is ‘Our God Reigns’ by Delirious? and the placement of this refrain on this album is perfect as it feels like there’s an eruption of volcanic proportions of majestic corporate worship as the crowd sings “Our God Reigns, our God reigns, forever Your Kingdom reigns…”

By this stage in the album I found myself in a place of worship (every time I listened) totally consumed in the worship of God with a passion to be set alight and burn for Him. As ‘Set A Fire’ bellowed out from the stage and from the pews in what is such a pure and honest refrain that you can feel has come from a genuine desire for more of God… “Set a fire down in my soul, that I cant contain, I cant control, cuz I want more of You God, I want more of You God…”

‘I Am In Love With You’ has a driven drum groove with rhythmic guitars and a Rock/Pop feel too it and rings out as a song which expresses our love for God and desire for more of Him… “I can’t get enough of You, cuz I I am in love with You,..” So strong is the passion and desire that “It burns like a blazing fire, rises like a mighty flame…”

The last section of the album takes us even deeper into worship and admiration of who God is with ‘Holy Spirit’ which after laying the foundation in worship invites the Holy Spirit to come and have His way… “Holy Spirit You are welcome here, come flood this place and fill the atmosphere, Your glory God is what our hearts long for, to be overcome by Your presence Lord…”

After that invitation ‘God Is Coming’… The lyrics in this song are so meaningful and speak of the saving nature of God and recognizing Him as Saviour… “For our God is coming, we can hear the Heavens roar, hold on, get ready for the glory of the Lord… Here You come, running to find me, King of the universe, yes our God is the God who saves… Here you come to light up the darkness, forever glorious, yes our God is the God who saves…”

‘Show Me Your Glory’ is a song with weight… Listening to this song I can feel the glory of God and also feel the awakening of a hunger and thirst for more of the glory of God in my life. The song leads into ‘Majesty,’ a timeless worship classic that recognizes the majesty of God and our empty-handedness and God’s grace on our lives… “Majesty, Majesty, Your grace has found me just as I am, empty-handed but alive in Your hands…”

‘Jesus Culture with Martin Smith: Live From New York’ is an incredible album for many reasons. To listen to this album is to go on a journey of worship and recognition of the awesomeness of God. This album feels like a worship service, not a live recording for an album… Rather it feels like I’ve been let into a powerful worship experience that Jesus Culture and Martin Smith and the thousands of people in attendance have been kind enough to share with us.

If worshipping God is your thing, you’ll find it very hard to not engage with this album and find yourself in the flow of worship. The instrumentation is so simple, yet effective in creating atmospheres of worship and supporting the songs and the lyrics, which are really something special. These songs sound like songs that have come out of worship and genuine pursuit of God and that comes through in the music and engaged me and connected with the heart of worship behind the songs.

Whatever your musical taste, ‘Jesus Culture With Martin Smith: Live From New York’ is an album that will lead you into great times of worship and take you on a journey of pursuit… Pursuit of the King!

Track List:

Fire Never Sleeps



Walk With Me

Waiting Here For You

Our God Reigns

Song Of Solomon

Set A Fire


I Am In Love With You

Oh How I Love You

Holy Spirit

God Is Coming

Show Me Your Glory/Majesty

Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble?

I Belong To You (Bonus Track)


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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