Joseph Perry ‘My Creator’ Review

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Joseph Perry is an emerging worship leader from the UK bursting onto the UK worship scene with his 5 track debut EP ‘My Creator’ at the end of 2010.

The EP is full of great songs for praise and worship. Joseph’s writing skills show a maturity far beyond his age at only 20 years old. The whole EP is very contemporary leaning more towards ‘CCM’ but with a lot of  ‘Gospel’ styled musical and vocal parts form time to time which stand out more on ‘Day That I Die’.

An awesome song speaking of how we need to die to self and come alive to Christ… It’s a purposeful song reminding us that ‘I was made to live for more than this… more than what I see’ and also ‘You Will Endure’ which has a classic 6/8 swing and sweet melodies and some awesome guitar lines… The song comes alive towards the end though with the creshendo of the song with the backing vocals taking on choral characteristics reminiscent of a traditionalGospel choir.

‘Amazing Grace’… the EP opener is a powerful up tempo song and gets full marks for impact and sing-a-bility. This is definitely one of those songs that will catch you out when you’re walking down the street finding yourself singing ‘Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh… Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh’ at the top of your lungs.

The title track ‘My Creator’ is a soft ballad and is a song of reassurance. This song is definitely one for times of soaking (in the presence of God) and being uplifted by the word of God. The use of various scriptures in the lyrics really make it that more powerful.

The EP ends on ‘Teach Us To Love’ featuring the soulful vocals of J.C. Henry on a song from the heart encouraging us all to love like Jesus does, backed by soulful, smooth music.

This is a great EP and certainly leaves you wanting more. If you’re into praise and worship music and want to hear some fresh and also refreshing with quality lyrical content; this is for you.


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