Josh Wilson Prepares For New Album ‘Carry Me’

Josh Wilson Prepares For New Album Carry Me

Josh Wilson is a critically acclaimed singer, songwriter and storyteller with chart-topping hits and numerous industry awards. Now with ‘Carry Me,’ his fourth project with Sparrow Records which will be released on 19th April, Wilson opens up his heart more than ever. Sharing about a very personal health issue dealing with anxiety and panic attacks, his new songs ultimately spread the message that through life’s difficult trials, it is only God who can carry us through it all.

In the midst of writing songs for a new record, Wilson began experiencing severe chest and shoulder pain as well as difficulty breathing, believing he was actually having a heart attack. Yet after numerous negative tests, he tried to get back to his normal life but soon began waking up frantic in the middle of the night, even canceling scheduled performances out of fear. Reconciling these unexpected emotions with his long held beliefs defines Wilson’s intentionally joyful and honestly raw new record.

“Philippians 4 says, ‘Do not be anxious about anything . . . the peace of God will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus,’” Wilson shares. “I prayed for that and each day would say, ‘God, I can’t make it without you. I need you to carry me.’ And He did, and He still does. He carried me through each day even before I experienced the anxiety, but I just didn’t realize it. It took these difficult moments for me to realize how much I need Jesus.”

With production by Matt Bronleewe (Chris Tomlin), each of the dozen songs stand out for its rhythmic contributions coupled with the addition of strings and woodwinds to Wilson’s assuring voice. The theme of the album’s first track, ‘Pushing Back The Dark,’ is woven into each of the songs found on ‘Carry Me,’ sharing the reminder that, no matter how stormy we may feel inside, there is a bright hope within each of us: “Let your light so shine. Don’t underestimate the God you follow.”

The title track and first radio single is equally empowering, sharing how to find blessings in the brokenness of anxiety. “’Carry Me’ is a simple, honest prayer for God to hold on to my fragile heart,” he explains. Always being a levelheaded person even in difficult situations and feeling he could get through just about anything, dealing with his severe anxiety and panic attacks reminded him that he is not the one in control. “All I can do in those moments is pray. Ultimately, this difficult season has caused me to rely on God’s strength to carry me through each day. I’ve been praying more often and more earnestly, and I’m thankful that coming to the end of myself has brought me so close to a Father and Savior who loves me and will never leave me.”

Josh Wilson is currently on the road with Third Day and Colton Dixon for The Miracle Tour, which hits tonight in Charlottesville, WV. For the most recent tour schedule and to connect with Wilson visit his website and social networks.

Track List:

  • Pushing Back The Dark
  • Carry Me
  •  Faith Is Not A Feeling
  • I See God In You
  • Grace Enough For You
  • Wake Me Up
  • What A Mystery
  • Let There Be Light
  • Here I Am Anyway
  • Symphony
  • One Safe Soul
  • What I See Now

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