‘Just For You’ Acoustic Video Feat. AJ Rafael & Jeremy Passion By B. Reith

Just For You

We stumbled across this video on YouTube and absolutely loved the lyrical content, melody and the simplistic way in which the video was filmed allowing us to focus on the song. The song is called ‘Just For You’ and was written by B. Reith and features AJ Rafael and Jeremy Passion singing in the video.

Check out the lyrics below:

This one won’t be on the radio

If I’m right they’ll say it is too slow

This one may not ever make it

Outside these four walls I take it

This one won’t be on the radio


But I’m gonna sing it anyway

As if my last breath was today


It’s way past due that I write just for You

I’ve been distracted by what can’t compare to You

You’re worth every note every struggle/heartache and pain, every refrain


The inside of this lonely hotel room

Reminds me of Your cold and empty tomb

The sun shines through the window pane

Reminding me You rose again

Inside of this lonely hotel room


And I’m gonna sing my lonesome song

Remembering You’re with me through the storm

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