Kerrie Roberts ‘Time For The Show’ Review

Kerrie Roberts Time For The Show Album Review

Kerrie Roberts has been singing since her early days in church standing on milk cartons to be seen. Now, the once little girl has flourished into a young woman with a huge voice and a message for the world.

‘Time For The Show’ is Roberts sophomore album which is preceded by her 2012 self titled debut, the 2011 ‘Once Upon A Time’ EP and 2012 ‘Finally Home’ single.

‘Time For The Show’ gets started with the title track, which immediately showcases Roberts’ unique voice and is a catchy melodic offering. The lyrics “It’s time for the show, turn up your light, it’s time for the show, let it shine, because you’ll know who you are and you’ll know who your heart belongs to…” really hit home as a powerful message. While our light shines and impacts the world, the light also works introspectively allowing us to see what’s in our heart and see if our desires are in line with God’s word.

Roberts’ breathy, soulful approach on ‘Sing’ gave the verses a nice soulful feel while the chorus gave a contrast with textured, belting Pop vocals. Simple production, a driving beat and subtle melodies fused with dominant synths create a radio friendly energetic track.

‘Middle Of It All’ is a piano drive Pop ballad and is a nice break away from the out and out Pop sound of the first few tracks. There’s an openness about this song that gives the message time to penetrate and room for the song to breathe. “When You’re here, Lord I know that I’m not alone… When you’re there, You follow me anywhere I go… That’s why I want to fearlessly live and love you… You’re the reason why I move”

‘Masterpiece’ see’s Roberts venture into Pop Rock with some big sounding guitars, which provide the main melodic instrumentation for the song and a lyric that really resonated with me: “I wish that you could picture you from Heaven’s view” referring to the fact that if we saw us how God see’s us we’d realize that we are a ‘Masterpiece’.

‘In Your Sight’ has a Disney ballad feel to it. With cinematic strings and an emotive, expressive vocal approach, which really feels like it’s coming from the heart of Roberts. This is an inspirational song that we are “always in His sight”.

I was caught off guard by ‘Wake Up’ which has an Urban flavour and nice grooves with a colourful, bright vocal texture which is heard throughout the song. Roberts rhythmic singing is smooth and the expressive guitar and bass parts really give a subtle R&B undertone.

‘Like Jesus Loves’ has a Folk vibe and is the most natural sounding song on the ‘Time For The Show’ album. Roberts’ adjusts her voice once again taking on a Country-like tone and expression as she sings “I want to love like Jesus, love like Jesus…”

As the first few tracks played out, I thought that ‘Time For The Show’ was just another CCM/Pop album as the songs had similar vibes. I also wasn’t too sure where I stood on Kerrie Roberts voice but as I listened and the styles of music developed and the instrumentation evolved my worries of the album being one dimensional were diminished.

While I wasn’t sure about Roberts’ voice to begin with, by the time I had finished listening to the album I was. She managed to sing each song in a different way perfectly capturing the essence of the emotions of the songs and adjusting her delivery to suit, which really made listening to the album fun, interesting and enjoyable.

What I really like about ‘Time For The Show’ are the messages in the song. While I enjoyed the music, I think Roberts’ use of metaphors is superb and how she gets her message across; sometimes 2 messages at once is fantastic and really shows that her songs have levels and depth that can continue to grow in meaning as you grow with the songs.

‘Time For The Show’ is a great Pop album and your average CCM/Pop music lover would more than likely appreciate it however there are enough colours, textures and variations on the album to give just about anyone a few tracks that they will enjoy listening to. The themes of introspection, re-enforcing positive thoughts about self, backed up by God’s word and His thoughts towards us also make this album shine as a source of inspiration and positivity.

Track List:

  • Time For The Show
  • Sing
  • What Are You Afraid Of
  • Finally Home
  • Middle Of It All
  • Masterpiece
  • Not Real Yet
  • In Your Sight
  • Wake Up
  • Like Jesus Loves


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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