Kim Walker-Smith & Skyler Smith ‘Home’ Review

Kim Walker-Smith & Skyler Smith Home Album Review

A Folk/Worship album from one of Christian Music’s most notable voices Kim Walker-Smith featuring her husband (that I didn’t even know was a singer/songwriter – shame on me) Skyler Smith.

The Smith’s released their debut album as a duo ‘Home’ in July this year and is different from previous releases from Kim Walker-Smith and the Jesus Culture camp.

‘Your Voice’ is the first song on the album and Skyler takes the lead on the 1st verse with his rugged, breathy voice joined later by the pristine voice of Kim and lyrics that remind us how much we need to hear God’s voice and how precious it is that God speaks to us… “Cause Your voice is the light shining through the doorway of my heart, come to life, when You’re speaking to me…”

‘Unstoppable Love’ is a song that took me a while to get passed the first verse… “Try to stop Your love and You would wage a war… Try to take the very thing You gave Your Life For… You would come running, tear down every wall… All the while shouting, my love you’re worth it all…” The composition is cinematic and dynamic, consuming and overtaking and is bold and unabashed in its reminder of God’s ‘Unstoppable Love’ for us.

‘Forever Praise’ is a poetic memoir filled with picture painting lyrics expressing the romance of God courting Kim as she shares “You came like the break of day, stole my heart away, now I belong to You forever… You danced and shouted over me, Your love’s a raging sea, now I am lost in You forever… You’re washing over me…” What is clear through listening to this song is that it was written out of a flourishing relationship with God that seems to be so tangible and real that you can’t help but want it for yourself.

My favourite song on the album is ‘Christ The Rock’… There is something so faith affirming about this song that causes the flames of burning fire in the soul to flicker and flare as the lyrics digest and become like fresh wood to an open fire… As the piano provides a simple but robust melodic bed the strings create a charged atmosphere and movement like the breath of God breathing filling the listener with life; with Christ… “On Christ the solid rock I stand… No double-minded shifting sand… On Christ the rock I plant my feet… Firm foundation for me… On Christ the rock i place my heart… & trust in who You say You are… No circumstance that blows my way… Will ever move this solid place…”

‘Beauty Of Your Presence’ lifts things up as a light Folk/Pop offering with a constant drum groove coloured by the bright tambourine and typical Folk instrumentation filled with charm and calm that comes from experiencing the presence of God.

The title track ‘Home’ is all about finding where we belong, or rather God finding us… “I was lost but You found me… I heard Your Spirit calling… Now my heart rejoices I am home…” There are so many rhythms ricocheting off each other creating a fun bounce and sense of movement from the brush strokes on the snare drum to the acoustic guitar picking giving the song a sense of life, expressing the statement, “there’s no place like home.”

The worship ballad ‘Relentless Pursuit’ is a stirring song… It stirs you up to chase after God, forsaking all others, leaving everything behind and learning that the more of God we find, the more of Him we desire so there’s no end to the pursuit. Pulsing like a lonely beating heart in the darkness, the echoing rhythms and soothing strings exude peace and as the builds so does the sense of power as we are reminded of how powerful and relentless the love God has for us is and in turn how that makes us chase Him relentlessly: “A passion in pursuit…”

“You can have all of me… You can have, every part of me… And I am released to run after You…”

‘Home’ had the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end from the first word sung and captivated me until the last. From beginning to end each song grabbed me by the hand and walked with me until I reached ‘Home,’ the place where my life, heart and soul is; where Jesus is… Him in me and me in Him.

Although stylistically this album is different to what Kim Walker-Smith normally presents on her albums she executes it perfectly and effortlessly allowing her pure tone contrasted by the husky tone of Skyler to lead in worship, uplift and edify to the sound of Folk which is so authentic that at times if I closed my eyes, I could actually visualize the various instruments and the songs being performed in an intimate setting in the Smith’s living room.

Track List:

  • Your Voice
  • Unstoppable Love
  • Face To Face
  • Forever Praise
  • Christ The Rock
  • Beauty Of Your Presence
  • Home
  • Oh Beautiful
  • Relentless Pursuit
  • My One & Only


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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