Kim Walker-Smith ‘Still Believe’ Review

Kim Walker Smith I Still Believe Album Review

Kim Walker-Smith is a seasoned worship leader and writer who has become known all around the world for her passionate worship, soul stirring and spirit edifying songs and live worship sessions.

‘Still Believe’ is her 2nd album and is released on the Jesus Culture label.

‘Alive’ is the album opener and didn’t strike me as a traditional first song on an album at first bust as the song progressed it took off and went from being understated and reflective to catapulting me into an atmosphere of zealous praise as I sang the chorus “We will make it known, Jesus is alive, He’s alive… We will shout it out, Jesus is alive… He’s alive…”

I had to really listen to ‘Waste It All’ to get the fullness of the song which uses the story of the alabaster box (Matthew 26:7) to portray a wonderful message…A message of pouring out our hearts and giving all we have to God because we know how much He’s done for us… “I wanna waste it all on You, I wanna pour my hearts perfume… I don’t care if I’m called a fool, I’m wasting it all on You.”

‘Yield It All’ is a song of surrender, yielding our heart’s to allow the Holy Spirit to “teach us how to be one with You…” This flows into ‘Spirit Break Out’ which was featured on (and was the title track) for Worship Central’s last album and comes at a fitting point on the album… After raising up intense worship, the atmosphere seemed ripe for God’s Spirit to break out as spontaneous and free worship echoed around the Cascade Theatre (Redding, CA) and even in my heart as I listened from my desk.

I always look to the title track to really define an album and although the title isn’t exactly the same I listened to ‘I Believe’ intently. The lyrics say it all… “Your blood makes the deaf to hear, right now…. Your blood takes away the curse, right now… Your blood heals every disease, right now… Your blood sets the addict free, right now… And I still believe You’re the same yesterday, today and forever… And I still believe Your blood is sufficient for me…” This song is a doubt busting, faith elevating anthem that reminds us that God is still able to heal and set the captives free and the blood of Jesus is “sufficient for me.”

‘Healing Oil’ is a prophetic declaration, which comes perfectly after all of the worship and inviting the presence of God and the increase of faith that comes from ‘Still Believe’“I can feel Your healing oil running down my brow… I wouldn’t trade another lifetime for how I feel right now…”  The orchestration of this song is majestic and atmospheric and the strings create a feeling of peace and healing while the pounding drums and deep bass lines bring a contrast of the glory and power of God.

‘Still Believe’ is a powerful album. Although it’s only 9 songs long it doesn’t feel like it. The album has a flow that is conducive to worship and the building up of faith to receive miracles. Musically it’s not profound but if you listen to ‘Still Believe’ even once you’ll understand that “licks” and “chops” are not the focus but rather to create atmospheres and sounds that connect with the lyrics and heart behind each song.

Kim Walker-Smith is a powerful woman… It may just be me but every time I hear her voice it perforates my soul and stirs something within me and as she sings she pierces the darkness and ushers in the presence of God.

If you’re looking for passionate Praise & Worship based on the truth of God’s word that can raise your faith, look no further… After listening to this album I stopped saying “I think” and “maybe” and started saying “I STILL BELIEVE!”

Track Listing:

  • Alive
  • Waste It All
  • The King is Here
  • Yield My Heart
  • Spirit Breakout
  • Spirit Breakout – Spontaneous
  • Still Believe
  • Miracle Maker
  • Healing Oil


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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