UK Praise & Worship Outfit Kings Ministries Start 2012 With A BANG!!!

Kings Ministries 2012

King’s Ministries are a group of young people from all walks of life coming from different denomination’s and background’s with one thing in common, a heart of worship and a desire to see soul’s saved.

The group was formed by Courtney King, a native of Birmingham, England, a young man with a desire to serve the Lord and be an encouragement to young people all over the world showing them that living for Jesus is fun, exciting and that it is possible in this time to have a relationship with God and live for Him!

Still an emerging and developing group, Kings Ministries have been taking their ministry up and down the country ministering in Churches, community groups and Schools with their tight harmonious melodies and breath-taking live band. The last quarter of 2011 saw them develop from being what could be called a fantastic Praise & Worship covers band to becoming a fully fledged group in their own right with front-man and founder Courtney King putting pen to paper again (after already releasing 2 original songs in 2010 ‘In Your Presence’ and ‘Draw Me Nearer’) and hosting a live concert which saw them sing their own material which was so good it had people asking which “big time American star” had written them, only to find that they were original compositions.

2012 has seen them start to use YouTube (click YouTube button below to hear new songs) to share their new songs in a candid and raw fashion, which has gone down well receiving many comments on facebook and also causing many Praise & Worship leaders to want to sing the songs in their Churches. The group are also said to be working on a debut album which if is executed as well as the songs have been written will possibly be one of the best releases the UK will see from an up and coming, unsigned group this year.

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