Kingsway Release ‘We Are The Free’ Recorded At Soul Survivor & Momentum

Soul Survivor

Kingsway are delighted to announce the imminent launch of ‘We Are The Free’ – the latest live album from Soul Survivor and Momentum. Recorded across the summer festivals this year, ‘We Are The Free’ is the first Soul Survivor and Momentum live album since 2003 to feature both Tim Hughes and Matt Redman together – and it’s one of their strongest live albums to date.

32,000 young people in the choir – including 1,700 new believers – this fifteen track double album has passion that is raw, faith that is bold and the songs are anthemic. Alongside the title track (written by Matt Redman), the album also contains song ‘Here For You’ and ‘One Thing Remains’.

As well as Matt and Tim, the album features Soul Survivor worship leaders Beth Croft, Jamie Rodwell and Tom Field, and includes home grown songs, ‘Arms Of Grace’, ‘Chains Are Broken’ and ‘For Us’.

Disc one is taken from Soul Survivor and kicks off with the irrepressible ‘Once In Darkness’ by Luke Hellebronth, Beth Croft and David Gate. Matt Redman takes on track two with ‘We Are The Free’ and at track ten the journey reaches an epic climax with the Sam Parker/Jamie Rodwell song ‘Your Love Reaches’.

Disco two comes from Momentum and starts with a hugely engaging version of Tim Hughes’ ‘God Is Coming’ – a call to worship with powerful prodigal echoes. ‘Spirit Break Out’ grows and grows into something that – by the end – feels less like a song and more like a wall of prayer advancing out the door. Covers of ‘Avalanche’ and ‘One Thing Remains’ both help create an album that is full of all the right dynamics.

As albums go, ‘We Are The Free’ is just about the most unshackled, Spirit-soaked, worship-sparking releases of the year. And this has been a very, very good year for worship.

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