Kyle Sherman ‘Hear Me’ Review

Kyle Sherman Hear Me Review

Kyle Sherman is an artist i knew absolutely nothing about when i received his album ‘Hear Me’. I wasn’t sure what to expect musically but the artwork looked interesting and i hoped the music would be too…

‘Hear Me’ is the title track for the album and sets the tone for the album taking on the form of a prayer and asking God to “Hear Me”.

Fountains reminds us that “In this dry and thirsty land, all other ground is shifting sand.” With it’s Pop/Rock approach and phrasing of the lyrics this song stands out with a message that is easy to digest and is catchy. The bridge breaks up the music nicely with groovy guitar, which precedes a break down which then builds up in a crescendo to see the song out.

‘All Things New’ is a familiar theme within Christian music… God being a restorer and making us a “new creation” as the song bellows out. The song has an authentic feel about it like Sherman is singing from experience.

‘Build It On The Rock’ is a classic Southern Gospel styled song featuring blaring organs, melodic piano fills, slide guitar parts, swinging drums and choral vocal parts reminiscent of Gaither Music. Sherman also adjusted his vocal tone leaving the polished clean sound and adopting a gritty, soulful, “from your gut” kind of singing making the song sound like a good Southern Gospel song.

The laid back ‘New Life’ is a mellow offering that continues the Southern Gospel style while ‘You Are The Only One’ has more of a Pop/Rock vibe similar to something that could be heard in praise and worship at church, especially the chorus “You are the only one, You are the only one, you are the only one we desire…”

‘The Greatest Tear’ is a song that I love. Sherman tells the story of Jesus’ experience on the Cross and the whole experience of Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection causing the listener to visualize and imagine what Jesus could have going through making this a powerful song. The music took on a dark and tense feel which built throughout the song to portray the lyrics being sung and the picture being created in my mind.

Listening to ‘Hear Me’ was an interesting experience. Kyle Sherman clearly has a love for Southern Gospel styled music with its influence being heard throughout the album. Even though the influence is definitely there, ‘Hear Me’ isn’t a Southern Gospel album. It’s an album that tells stories and shares experiences and does so to the backdrop of a blend of Southern Gospel, Pop and Rock music styles. It’s an interesting combination because I can see older generations listening to this album and enjoying it but also younger generations too. ‘Hear Me’ bridges the gap and makes and takes some of the great things of the music of old and fuses it with the good things from current popular music genres.

While I enjoyed ‘Hear Me’ and loved the diversity, it didn’t strike me or grab my attention in a way that made me want to scream from the roof-tops about it. However I did find some songs that I really enjoyed and I think anyone could listen to this album and appreciate it, however if you’re a fan of Southern Gospel, the subtleties of it’s influence on this album could make it one that you love.

Track List:

  • Hear Me
  • Come To Me
  • Fountains
  • He Prayed For Me
  • All Things New (Hallelujah)
  • Heaven
  • Build It On The Rock
  • One True Friend
  • New Life
  • You Are The Only One
  • The Greatest Tear
  • Healing Coming Down


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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