New Movement {l.a.}god Come Together To ‘Shake The Earth’ With New Album

New Movement {l.a.}god Come Together To 'Shake The Earth' With New Album

{l.a.}godMusic, is a movement birthed in the heart of Hollywood by Phil and Tammy Hotsenpiller. {l.a.}god has captured the hearts of young Hollywood leaders to impact fashion, film, TV, music and art! They’re a movement that aims to influence the most powerful industry in the world, the entertainment industry, for Christ from the inside out. Their latest creative endeavor is {l.a.}godMusic, a viral outgrowth of creativity from the original ministry that has produced an album composed by the hottest professional studio touring musicians and songwriters in Pop music today. To see a collaboration of talent come together like this from out of the secular music industry and join together in worshiping God is something truly unique.

Listen carefully and you will hear sounds reminiscent of the legendary greats on the Pop chart become fused with the heart and words of some of the greatest worship albums ever produced. “We hope you will be inspired and draw ever closer to God through this worship – that you will see His glory displayed throughout the earth!”

{l.a.}godMusic is blessed to present its first of many albums, ‘Shake the Earth’ which is out now on iTunes.

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