{l.a.}god ‘Shake The Earth’ Review

{l.a.}god 'Shake The Earth' Album Review

{l.a.}godMusic, is a movement birthed in the heart of Hollywood by Phil and Tammy Hotsenpiller. {l.a.}god has captured the hearts of young Hollywood leaders to impact fashion, film, TV, music and art! They’re a movement that aims to influence the most powerful industry in the world, the entertainment industry, for Christ from the inside out.

‘Shake The Earth’ is {l.a.}god’s debut album which comes as a project filled with worship songs…

The album opener is ‘Beloved’ which is a big sounding, Rock styled song with a solid drumming and tight guitar rhythms with subtle synths and expressive string arrangements with a melody that doesn’t follow the usual melody patterns giving it a fresh and unique sound. The message of the song is being rescued by God and being lost but being found by God.

“I can never seem to get enough of You. You’re magnificent, greater than all. And I yearn, just to be like You, I know I don’t deserve Your marvelous love… You’re brilliant, created all things, and the heavens declare Your majesty. You bring grace to all who seek You, cause we could never own this marvelous love.” These are the lyrics of ‘Marvelous’ a beautiful song that empahsises the majesty of God. 

The title track ‘Shake The Earth’ speaks of God’s Kingdom coming and that when we truly experience God’s Kingdom on earth, it will shake the earth and the whole earth will feel it… “Let us shake the earth with Heaven’s song.”

The stripped back ‘More Like You’ is a naked song numerous ways… Not only musically stripped back but peeling away the layers of our lives and experiences that have shaped us into who we are and saying “I love You more than I’ll ever be able to say… I need You Lord, I need all of You all of my days…”

‘On High’ reminded me of something The City Harmonic would do in terms of the musical approach to the song blending textures and atmospheric with Rock driven guitar patterns, a solid groove and harmonious melodies. This song is all about lifting God high… “Forever, our God You reign, forever we exalt Your name.”

“How can I not sing of Your love, stir it up in Me…” comes from the song ‘All Of Me’ which is quite possibly my favourite song on the album lyrically and musically. Definitely one that will connect with everyone eager for more of God and stirring up the love of God in your life.

‘Shake The Earth’ really surprised me. When I listened to it for the first time, it seemed like just another “worship” album. However, the second time I listened in more detail and found a lot of creativity, especially musically and melodically. A lot of the themes on the album are familiar… The love of God, His Majesty, His grace etc but I guess that is to be expected. While these themes are popular within Christian music I found {l.a.}god’s songs to have enough diversity and creativity to still keep me listening and interested and also enough of their hearts in the music to allow me to connect with them.

Track List:

  • Beloved
  • Marvelous
  • Resound
  • River Of Your Delights
  • I Adore
  • Shake The Earth
  • More Like You
  • The Only
  • On High
  • All Of Me


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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