Lara Martin ‘Pearl’ Review

Lara Martin Pearlb

Lara Martin is a very well known writer within the worship music sector having written popular songs such as ‘The Voice Of Hope’ and ‘God Is Here’. She is currently serving in Elim Christian Centre, Northampton as a worship director and her new album is entitled ‘Pearl’.

From the beginning to end, the album has such good quality and musicianship. Every track is well mixed with such brilliant clarity. The album has a contemporary worship with a hint of rock feel and also a folk influence to it.  Even though each song has the same kind of sound throughout, there are a few songs that stand out on the album.

Lara Martin has such a beautiful tone which makes for a lovely listening experience. She adds a personal touch to the album with each track reflecting different life experiences and seasons.  This is shown in the opening song titled ‘Beautiful In Its time’.

‘The Forgotten Ones’ has a touching message of remembering those that are less privileged than us. The chorus, melody and message in it’s entirety really inspired and captured me. ‘Be with Me’ is another one of the outstanding songs on this album. With a rather mellow feel, it speaks of the ability we have to find rest in God’s arms when life gets a little hard. Lara reminds us that there is a constant invitation from God offering peace, tranquility and a new beginning.  ‘Hope Is A Rainbow’ is a more upbeat song. I love the message, one that offers “hope after the rain.”

‘Hide In You’ is beautifully produced and so very well written. Lara, if you are reading this, I would love to hear this sung in churches during praise and worship. I can honestly hear and envision this happening.  The refrain at the end is enough to get you marveling at the goodness of God during worship. I absolutely love it.

As I listen to this album, I can tell that Lara Martin really put her heart in to this project and I can really appreciate this, especially in tracks such as ‘Soothe’.  Although the album maintains a contemporary worship/ rock vibe throughout, it’s such a lovely listen. It’s mellow yet very well thought through with production and vocals at such a high quality. Each song glides well in to the next one and song writing is a gift that God has undeniably placed in her. It’s also very well mixed and produced.

Out of 5, I would give this album a 4.  I’d love to hear more songs like ‘Hide In You’ but her writing style and ability really blessed me and I am sure it will bless and touch others. This is one for your collection if you’re in to contemporary worship and if you’re a worship leader, it’s worth a listen too.

Track listing:

  • Beautiful In It’s time
  • Between Trapezes
  • The Forgotten Ones
  • God Sees You
  • Be With Me
  • Fingerprints
  • Hope Is A Rainbow
  • Here Comes Jesus
  • Sooth
  • Hide In You


Reviewed By Elizabeth Lubega

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