Lara Martin Releases New Album Titled ‘Pearl’

Lara Martin

Lara Martin is one of the UK’s most prolific songwriters in worship music. She has penned songs such as ‘God Is Here’, ‘The Voice Of Hope,’ ‘Divine Exchange’ and countless others…

Now she has released her latest album ‘Pearl,’ a semi-biographical collection of songs.

“In life we all go through seasons of joy, sadness, advance, delay, disappointment, elation and so on. Just like a ‘pearl’ which is created through irritation and years of process, these songs have been born in the same way.”

“These songs take a semi-biographical look at my life and sing of valuable lessons I’ve learned during times of transition and the highs and lows of life. The greatest lesson of all being that worshipping your way through every season and engaging in true intimacy with God is a key to inner tranquillity. When you are at peace with God, you are at peace with yourself and the world around you.”

“God is always ‘sovereign’ and His ways and His timings are perfect. Collectively I see these songs like a string of pearls, each one containing a small piece of wisdom. Life is never smooth and we all have ‘grit’ to deal with but could it just be that the irritations we face are the very things God will use to cause greatness to emerge. All the while an oyster is experiencing discomfort, something of great value is growing inside.”

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    #News @LaraMartin Releases New Album Titled #Pearl – GREAT songwriting & Music read More Here:

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    Lara Martin Releases New Album Titled ‘Pearl’ via @mbriomusic

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    One of our favourite worship leaders and songwriters Lara Martin has released a new album titled ‘Pearl’… Check…

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    Lara Martin Releases New Album TItled ‘Pearl’ via @mbriomusic

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