Lexi Elisha Releases FREE EP ‘Rope’

Lexi Elisha Releases Free EP Rope

Rising Christian Pop singer-songwriter Lexi Elisha has released a FREE EP titled ‘Rope’ which follows the ‘Let Go’ EP and her most recent single ‘I Choose Love’.

‘Rope’ is as personal as they come with Lexi sharing her heart on these songs and taking us along on her journey to who God has called her to be and the ups and downs that she has experienced along the way.

Lexi’s ability to communicate to all people from every age and walk of life is her most endearing quality. She is a genuine girl with genuine music that everyone can identify with.

“Perfection, the unattainable dream, purity, self-worth, nostalgia, contentment, happiness…these things are on full display on the ‘Rope’ EP.” Taking listeners on a vulnerable, emotional journey, Lexi’s creativity and writing cannot be denied throughout the carefully crafted ‘Rope’ EP. Her passion for music, family, the place she grew up, and heart wrenching love are undeniable themes. Against the odds of many 21 year old singer/songwriters, Lexi created a glorious, haunting story concerted with tender, yet potent vocals.

Lexi is currently working on her album ‘Eventually’.


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