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Liane Marie Ministering To The Nations Faithful God

Birmingham (UK) native Liane Marie has been ministering throughout the UK for years and during that time has ventured out into Europe and Africa.

Singing since the age of 5 and working with numerous producers during her teenage years, it took the collaboration between Liane and Anthony Marshall to lay the foundation for Liane’s ministry through music.

Having won the ‘Just Out Of This World’ Gospel competition in 2009, Liane has continued writing and ministering, preaching, healing, evangelizing, mentoring, counseling and flowing in prophetic ministry putting to use what she learned at the KICC Bible School.

Even with all of this, Liane Marie is still a name that is unknown to many within the UK but it seems as though that is about to change in 2015. The Pregnant With Destiny Conference founder has a yearning passion for young people, broken men/women, the homeless and people from all walks of life.

Liane Marie is not just another “artist” or someone who just loves music. For her, music is ministry and life is ministry and her heart is for the people,

“Dear ministers if you don’t have time for people then you have missed it! Who is it that buys your CDs and attends your conferences/seminars? Who is it that helps fund or serve in your ministry? Isn’t it the people? So please don’t ever be too famous/anointed to talk to people online or respond to messages. After all if Jesus was not available how then would the woman with the issue of blood been healed?”

Liane Marie’s single ‘Faithful God’ is her anthem, an expression of God’s goodness and faithfulness to her in good times and in challenging seasons. Her faith in God has never faltered and this song was written straight from her heart.

“I will praise you when I’m up and praise you when I’m down because when all is said and done you are God all by yourself! ?#?FaithfulGod that is who you are!”

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