Lifecolour ‘Where’s Your Sting’ EP Review

LifeColour Where's Your Sting EP Review

Lifecolour are a Christian Alternative Rock band from Stoke-On-Trent who have been flying below my radar for a while but that hasn’t stopped the 4 member band from flying around the world touring and also supporting Matt Redman, [dweeb] and Verra Cruz in the UK as well as playing some of the UK’s major Christian festivals such as Spring Harvest, Ultimate Event, Big Church Day Out, Megalife and Greenbelt.

Their latest EP release titled ‘Where’s Your Sting’ follows their ‘Time To Be Free,’ EP which was released in 2009 and offers 3 new songs that are based off 1 Corinthians 15:55 “Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?”

‘A Difficult Start’ opens the EP with dominant guitars with a grungy feel and a relentless almost chaotic chorus giving a feeling of being in a whirlwind of thoughts of the past (“Bury the past before it buries me”). “Wounds will heal only in time,”

‘Tear Up The Same’ is reminiscent of early Delirious? with its minimalistic attributes in the verses while the chorus and musical interlude give a feeling of battle and victory which perfectly support the lyrics, “We are the broken hearted but we’re still standing tall. We won’t be defeated, we’ll rise above it all…”

“It’s impossible to touch, when things are working well, if you’re looking through your life through a half empty glass” are the lyrics that open ‘Made For Something More’. This is a song that will connect with people who are searching for more, for purpose and a meaning for their life. This song teased at being a mellow, laid-back song which would have brought some diversity, but as the song went up, so did the volume and the almost metal-like abrasive guitar riffs dominated the choruses giving a true Rock feel and experience.

‘Where’s Your Sting’ is a good offering from Lifecolour. I expected to hear songs more closely tied to the EP’s title, but while the references aren’t direct and in your face, they are there and as a whole, the EP does make sense. At times the songs feel a bit bare. I’m sure the band wanted to keep an organic sound, one that sounded like them as they perform live and is true to their sound but the song could have done with more vocals in parts and stronger melodies… Normally after listening to a song it stays in my mind because of the melody and while i enjoyed this EP, none of the songs immediately come to mind. Some synths and other sounds would have added more colour too as the heavy guitars did dominate.

Lyrically, Lifecolour have written some good songs that have powerful messages and ones that painted pictures of situations and experiences in life that i could connect with and visualise which helped me absorb the messages within each song. On a full length project, i’d like to hear more diversity in sound and experimentation with production techniques to enhance their sound and give the Alternative Rocker’s what they want whilst still being able to reach a wider audience of music lovers which i think ‘Where’s Your Sting’ will struggle to do.

Track List:

  • A Difficult Start
  • Tear Up The Same
  • Made For Something More


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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