Lyrical Soldier Releases New Single Feat. Jake Isaac & Joel Duntin… ‘Unconditional’

Lyrical Soldier Releases New Single Feat. Jake Isaac & Joel Duntin Unconditional

Michal Ageyi AKA Lyrical Soldier is fast becoming known for his unique style and delivery of his music here in the UK and is pushing the boundaries of what is expecting from an ‘Urban’/‘Rap’ artist.

Lyrical Soldier is a preacher, singer, rapper and a spoken-word poet. In a nutshell, he truly is the epitome of a Lyrical Evangelist. Through his God-given use of words in song and through preaching, he is able to draw and plant a seed of interest in the minds of people as to who Jesus Christ is.

Premier Gospel a leading UK radio station have a reoccurring event called ‘Premier Gospel Presents’ and Saturday 23rd July 2011 saw the Gospel media giants present Lyrical Soldier and his great music to an excited crowd at London’s prestigious Regent Hall.

The concert also saw Lyrical Soldier release his latest single ‘Unconditional’ Featuring Joel Duntin which also comes with a remix and an alternative version ‘Unconditional’ (How Great Is His Love) featuring one of our favourite worship leaders, Jake Isaac of i = CHANGE.

After an awesome debut single ‘Introduce Me’, ‘Unconditional’ provides that awesome reminder that God’s love for us in ‘Unconditional.

Lyrical Soldier’s gift and talent comes directly from God and he believes that when the Judgment Day comes, he will be held accountable as to how effectively he used his God-given talent, as noted in Matthew 25:14-30. Lyrical Soldier’s vision is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the World in order to aid the preparation of His Second Coming. He delivers the Gospel of Jesus Christ with constant enthusiasm and passion, whether through preaching or in song.

Watch the Lyrical Soldier ‘Introduce Me’ video below

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