LZ7 Update | New Music | New Band Members | New Decisions For Jesus

LZ7 Update New Music New Band Members New Decisions For Jesus

Over the last few months LZ7 have literally been touring the world (Netherlands, Switzerland, Venice, Australia, USA, Iverness) and have taken their message of hope, faith and the love of Jesus to people of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs.

“Its’ been incredible watching our vision move into arenas we never thought possible,” shares the band’s front man Lindz West.

“We have been in 65 schools so far this year and 25 of them came from the 3 week trip to New Zealand. We had thousands turning up to evening events following the days in school and in total saw 5500 new commitments to Jesus over that time.”

“A girl turned up to a show with 180 pills in her pocket, 6 razor blades, and a suicide note,” West explains. “She told us, ‘You ruined my Friday night plans as i was gonna end it tonight  , i didn’t coz when you played that “Aftershow” track something hit me like a train’… That girl gave her life to Jesus that night!”

The ‘Aftershow’ single is available on iTunes now and upon its release climbed to No. 5 on the UK Dance Chart and hit the top 10 in numerous European countries including Holland and Switzerland where the band have put in a lot of work ministering in schools and at festivals.

LZ7 have established Light Music, their own record label and are working on strategies to further impact the mainstream music scene and will see the band release their next single ‘Give Out The Love’ on 2nd September 2013.

“It’s called ‘Give Out The Love’ and is in partnership with Compassion raising awareness and support for the worlds poorest children.”

May saw the arrival of LZ7’s newest recruit, Remidee (Toronto, Canada) who with his wife Tori have relocated to the UK to be a part of the LZ7 team. Remidee is an artist with a mission to spread hope, love, and positivity through music and will release solo material on Light Music. Remidee has toured the US, Canada, Southeast Asia, and has been featured on MTV Asia.

Light Music has also developed a new discipleship program titled Living4God which aims to aid young people who are interested in developing a relationship with God.

“We have developed an online resource for young people who want to know more about being a Christian in a format that can be accessed on your device from phone to laptop.”

With over 750,000 young people reached in 2 years, chart success and thousands of decisions for Jesus, LZ7 are doing something right and their new label imprint Light Music and discipleship resource Living4God are set to make a big impact and change lives.

Look out for the new album ‘Aftershow’ on 29th September 2013.

Watch the ‘Aftershow’ music video HERE!!!

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