MaLoKai ‘Heart Beats’ Review

MaLoKai Heart Beats

MaLoKai are Manchester based Pop/Punk/Rock/Hardcore band made up four guys… Alex, Andy, Dack and Dave. I first heard of them years back I loved their hardcore and edgy sound which at the time was new to me with the confines of Christian music.

‘Heart Beats’ is the bands latest release and comes in the form on a 7 track EP… Well 6 tracks and an Overture and is due to be released on 14/02/12.

Re-iterating the EP title/theme ‘Heart Beats’ it starts off with ‘Overture’ which features nothing more than a heart beat and a distorted guitar providing a drone taking us into the first real track ‘Rumours’. The guitar riff in the intro of this song had me rocking out… Heavy, crunching guitars plus a solid drum groove = Matt hooked… “Why oh why, time after time, do you believe these lies?” is such a catchy pre-chorus and in the midst of high energy pulsating poly-rhythms and riffs I was reminded that there was actually a great message in this song. The real message of this song is found in the chorus though… “It’s time that you wake up your mind, leave all these rumours way behind, open up your eyes, it’s no surprise, you’re looking but your blind, they’ve pulled the wool over your eyes don’t believe the lies.” I was very happy to hear the re-introduction of the guitar riff from the intro through-out the song as well. Alex Grieg’s voice really shines on this song. I love his approach to the vocal arrangement of this song.

‘Heart Beats’ is the title track which I almost missed not because of its significance but because it felt like a natural transition from the previous track. I love the way in which the grooves and rhythms go from half-time to double-time and how the music is so tight, punchy and energetic. I love the lyrics “…I’m not bleeding, my heart’s still beating, i need you here with me today… So lets start talking i’m knocking at your day, we can make it through the night, we can make it through the storm…”

The EP also features a fantastic cover of Jessie J’s ‘Price Tag’… All I’ll say about this is that i much prefer this version… From the panning vocals, subtle harmonies, musical intensity and dynamics to the rap towards the end of the song where the song takes an edgy turn and really rocks out.

I’m not sure if the MaLoaKai guys will like this comparison but ‘Young And Dumb’ instantly made me think of Busted/McFly… This is some good Pop/Rock.

‘You’ continues on with they heavy, edgy sound but somehow manages to capture a totally different emotion to the other songs… The softer verse was a refreshing change to the out-and-out hardcore nature of the other songs but it wasn’t long before the song built up. The ‘Metal’ like shouts and the atmospheric vocals in parts bring a an amazing contrast in this song… It almost sounds like a cross between a ballad and a full on Punk/Rock/Hardcore song but it works and as much as I love this version i’m really intrigued to hear what an acoustic version would sound like.

‘Heart Beats’ ends with ‘What’s Inside’, another track full of grooves, interesting production techniques and enough energy to charge a car battery.

‘Heart Beats’ is a GREAT EP and is possibly one of my most liked releases in a while… Maybe because it’s different, maybe it’s all of the intricacy’s that I keep jumping out at me every time I listen to it or the fact that there isn’t a dull moment through-out the whole EP or maybe that amongst thunderous drums, thick and full guitar lines, textures and solid grooving bass lines Alex Greig’s voice never once got lost in the mix or the music… Trust me guys that’s no mean feat. This EP is a lot more musical than i thought it would be and although it’s pretty hardcore, there’s more than enough melodies within the music itself and also Alex’s great, cutting but yet smooth vocals and harmonies. This is great high energy music with great lyrics too… If you’re after some easy listening, peaceful music, this won’t be for you although i do think if you listen to it you may be surprised by how much you like it.

I highly recommend this to anyone looking for some new Pop/Punk/Rock/Hardcore music or to anyone looking for something new to listen to, to expand their musical horizons.

P.S – Drummers and guitars… This EP will most definitely have you air drumming and getting your air guitar on… In fact, this is so good it will do that to just about anyone.

Track List:

  • Overture
  • Rumours
  • Heart Beats
  • Price Tag
  • Young And Dumb
  • You
  • What’s Inside


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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