Martin Smith’s ‘God’s Great Dance Floor Movement Three’ EP Is Out NOW!!!

Martin Smith's 'God's Great Dance Floor' EP Movement 3 Is Out NOW!!!

Martin Smith embarked on an unconventional journey this year when he set out to release 4 EP’s, all titled ‘God’s Great Dance Floor’ independently.

The 3rd EP titled ‘God’s Great Dance Floor Movement Three’ has been released and is already receiving great feedback.

The new  EP features new songs, ‘Redemption Day,’ ‘God Is Coming,’ ‘Song Of Solomon’ and ‘Grace’.

The ‘God’s Great Dance Floor’ EP’s show development and change after the Delirious? years but also build on what was laid down by the legendary band continuing in the trend of worship that moves the heart and catapults your spirit into the presence of God.

Having written many of the church’s best-loved songs – including ‘I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever,’ ‘Shout To The North’ and ‘Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble?’.

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