Martin Smith Releases New Music Project ‘God’s Great Dance Floor Movement Two’

Martin Smith

Martin Smith, known to most as the front-man for legendary UK Christian Rock band Delirious? Is coming back to fore-front with a brand new solo music project titled ‘God’s Great Dance Floor’ accompanied by a live  concert launch. Get tickets for the launch HERE!!!

Over 2 years since his last time on stage with Delirious?, Martin Smith is bringing a fresh collection of songs.

“Going ‘public’ with your music is always a scary business. One you never get used to, but very exciting all the same. Hours spent in the studio and then suddenly everyone can hear what you’ve been up to for 3 years!” says Smith.

“It is reflective of the journey that Anna and I, and our children have been on since the ending of the band Delirious?.”

Not going down the conventional route of using top session musicians and big names for this record; Martin Smith has used what some would call an inexperienced team of under 25 year-olds… Sarah Lawrence, Jonny Bird, Ben Thatcher and Josh Price.

“We all come alive on God’s great dance floor.”

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