Martin Smith ‘God’s Great Dance Floor Step 01′ Review

Martin Smith Gods Great Dance Floor Step 01 Album Review

‘God’s Great Dance Floor Step 01’ get’s started with ‘Awake My Soul’ and with the opening verse I was plucked out of my office and thrust into Smith’s world. “I lost heart, lost soul, lost rhythm in my bones, gotta find myself again…” Not your usual album opener, somewhat mellow, ‘Awake My Soul’ speaks of transition and tough times but still worshipping God through it all.

‘Fire Never Sleeps’ has a drive and four-to-the-floor groove with some inconspicuous programming that give a strong groove and momentum while the pulsating guitars, melodic piano lines and atmospheric swells create texture upon texture. As the song builds it’s like a fire being fueled growing stronger and stronger and Smith sings “Burn, oh my soul, set me on fire. Burn oh my soul, light up the fire…”

As ‘Back To The Start’ plays we can hear Smith’s journey of finding himself again, discovering God again and making sense of the “new life” after doing the same thing for so many years. “Saviour, save me, darkness, leave me. Healer, burn away this pain, hold me, I’m a fire not afraid.” As the song progresses there’s a sense of life, freedom and liberty as the song transitions from Rocking guitars and big thundering drums to horns blaring, club like beats and Pop anthem synths and a sense of euphoria… “I feel alive, I come alive, I am alive on God’s great dance floor…”

I love the stripped back approach on ‘Safe In Your Arms,’ which is a song of comfort reminding us that no matter what we’re going through, God is with us. As the song starts there’s a vulnerability that grows into the assurance of God with the crescendo.

‘Jesus Of Nazereth’ comes as a total surprise musically with its foot-stomping Bluegrass/Country feel and intricate Banjo playing while the chorus rings out “I was born to follow You,” with real vigor and a sense of collective gang vocal-like kinetic energy… The unexpected “Rock Out” outro was another surprise and reminds us of just how eclectic Martin Smith is.

“I’m no hero of the faith. I’m not as strong as I once thought I was. I’m just a shepherd boy, singing to a choir of burning lights,” starts ‘Shepherd Boy,’ another introspective song from Smith with parrells to the David’s story, which seem to be metaphors for his own life.

Martin Smith is one of those songwriters that you’d expect to be a Biblical legend because of the sheer depth, yearning for God, exploration, discovery, justice and compassion that is present in his songs.

‘God’s Great Dance Floor’ is an album unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. There’s a strong narrative that tells Smith’s stories painting vivid pictures that sparked my imagination as I followed, verse by verse learning about Smith’s wilderness experience, vulnerability, and rediscovering who he is and what God’s purpose is for him in this stage of his life.

Though the narrative is strong each song led me into personal worship and eccentric euphoria stirring up the dance and celebration in my heart.

‘God’s Great Dance Floor Step 01’ is not the Delirious? sound re-packaged while it does harness onto some of those timeless Delirious? vibes, it’s fresh and it’s new and most of all it’s exciting. Each time you listen to a song it has a new meaning and there are so many levels to the lyrics that these songs with grow with you throughout life.

One thing is for sure and that is that Martin Smith is really living out the lyrics “I feel alive, I come alive, I am alive on God’s great dance floor,” and after listening the ‘God’s Great Dance Floor Step 01’ I’m ready to join the party and experience the same liberation and freedom that has awakened Smith’s soul.

Track List:

  • Awake My Soul
  • Fire Never Sleeps
  • Back To The Star
  • Waiting Here For You
  • You Carry Me
  • Safe In Your Arms
  • Jesus Of Nazareth
  • Soldiers
  • Tear Drop
  • Shepherd Boy


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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