Mary Mary’s Reality TV Series Premiere’s 29/03/12

Mary Mary

When it comes to finding harmony, singing’s often the easy part!  As the popular three-time GRAMMY award-winning Gospel duo Mary Mary, Erica and Tina Campbell are busy career women touring the country, promoting their sixth album ‘Something Big,’ and walking Hollywood red carpets.  But offstage and away from the bright lights, they’re sisters, moms and wives striving to balance their superstar lifestyles with raising a family. From diaper changes and awards ceremonies, to recording studios and school recitals, Erica and Tina’s dual lives pull them in many directions, as they go from “mommy mommy-ing to Mary Mary-ing.”  WE tv’s new series ‘Mary Mary’ spotlights the famous singing sisters, revealing what life is like on the inside of this dynamic duo. ‘Mary Mary’ premieres in a special time slot on Thursday, March 29th at 10pm ET/PT, following the ‘Braxton Family Values Reunion’ Special at 9pm ET/PT. New episodes then air in its regular time slot Thursdays at 9pm ET/PT beginning April 5, with ten, hour-long episodes.

Music is a family business for the Campbell sistersErica’s husband Warryn is the group’s producer, and Tina’s husband Teddy is the drummer in Jay Leno’s Tonight Show band. Balancing family life is a challenge all on its own – Erica and Warryn have two little children with a third on the way, while Tina and Teddy are raising a blended family of four kids.  Aside from their own broods, the sisters have a large extended family including: sister Alana who’s on the verge of getting engaged; parents who’ve been married and divorced to each other three times (and are now currently separated); and sister Goo, who doubles as Erica and Tina’s stylist. Goo may be skilled in transforming the ladies from moms to superstars, but the three often butt heads – namely because Goo believes she’s under-appreciated and underpaid. Adding to the mix is the duo’s manager, Mitchell.  Overseeing everything Mary Mary, Mitch is in the middle of all…for better or worse!

Erica and Tina love the life that Mary Mary provides, but being a superstar comes with huge sacrifices and major challenges.  Faced with the daily decisions that being wives, mothers and career women come with, their lives are a balancing act as they constantly have to prioritize what’s more important.  As Mary Mary, Erica and Tina continue their meteoric rise in the music world, including two 2012 GRAMMY nominations, a highly-anticipated tour, a new single and a special holiday performance for thousands of new fans. Offstage, they face a different reality, revealing just how chaotic it can be bouncing between both worlds.

Life on the road as Mary Mary is taking a toll. When Erica goes into early contractions, she’s ordered to limit travel, forcing the duo to deal with the repercussions of canceling their tour.  Meanwhile, Tina discovers she is unexpectedly pregnant and faces the consequences of what this means for her family and the immediate future of the group.  The pressure gets to the sisters when they start clashing with each other, causing them to seek therapy. Adding to the chaos is sister and stylist Goo.  When Goo discovers the girls’ manager doesn’t think she has what it takes to be their lead stylist for the GRAMMY’s, Erica and Tina are caught in the middle of family and business.  For this dynamic duo, there’s never a dull moment to be had!

‘Mary Mary’ is produced for WE tv by Entertainment One TelevisionExecutive Producers for eOne Television:  Tara Long, John Morayniss, Eric Hoberman and Mitchell Solarek.  Executive Producer for WE tvKate Farrell.

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