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Matt Hill Blues Funk Worship Album Masterpiece

Matt Hill is a new name to many but his musicianship and talents have been heard on platforms around the UK for years. Growing up with “live music in the blood” going to work with his dad in concert venues across the UK and Europe whilst developing a gift for music himself left Hill with “the thundering sound of drums through an arena-sized PA system, the roar of the crowd, together in one voice, and the power, authority and beauty introduced into the atmosphere with one carefully executed note from an electric guitar.”

However, Hill’s own style holds together both a love for spontaneity and a respect for the song. This comes together beautifully on his highly anticipated first solo record ‘Masterpiece’.

With the velvet tones of Blues guitar and the pocket grooves of 90s Funk, the quality of musicianship shines through.

“I wanted to strip things back and create space in the music. Space to breathe, space to explore, space to listen. So we recorded it live in a big room as a three piece. Myself, Jimmi Clarke (Bass, Il Divo) and Jonathan ‘Ginger’ Hamilton (Drums, Jessie J).”

However, ‘Masterpiece’ is no jam session. It’s the work of a skilled craftsman. The arrangements are restrained—producing an incredibly mature sounding debut. The lyrics are evocative and emotive—inviting us to reflect and even participate.

“It is a mammoth task to tell a whole story in so few words, but that very challenge is what I love. I think there is great power in songs that tell an open and vulnerable story – the frailty of humanity compared to the vast mysteries of eternity. But there is also something of beauty in singing about something greater than ourselves. Songs of faith, hope and love. Eternal themes.”

So what about that rather bombastic title?

“I’m not saying this album is my masterpiece, but rather that we are heaven’s masterpiece. Just the way we are.”

‘Masterpiece’ was released on 2nd February 2015 through Absolution Records with distribution from Joining The Dots Distribution.

Track Listing:

  • Masterpiece
  • Million Words
  • Million Words – Jam
  • Breathe Into Colour
  • God Of Wonder
  • Guiding Light
  • Safe Surrender
  • Search Me
  • Still Waters
  • After The Rain
  • After The Rain – Jam

About Matt Hill:

Matt Hill served as Worship Pastor at !Audacious Church, Manchester for 5 years, after touring as guitarist for worship leader Noel Robinson. Now he is stepping out with the highly anticipated solo debut ‘Masterpiece’.

“Matt has faithfully served the local church for many years in the area of worship, music and art. He buzzes with creativity and is passionate about seeing Christ being glorified.” - Tim Hughes, Director of worship, HTB & co-founder of Worship Central

“Matt has an incredible gifting as a songwriter and worship leader which goes hand in hand with his humility and passion to serve and see the church find it’s voice in worship.” – Phil Smith, Jesus Culture UK Director & Vinelife Church Senior Leader

“I am always excited to hear Matt Hill worship, and how he uses music to share the heart of God. For me, he is a true prophetic voice to the nation.” - Noel Robinson, Integrity Worship Artist & MOBO nominee

“Matt Hill is a rare talent on the guitar. His ability to write songs and lead crowds in praise and worship is second to none. Not only is his character exceptional, his greatest ability is to connect people where they are at, with the heart of God. Matt is simply exceptional.”Glyn Barrett, Senior Minister, !Audacious Church

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