Michaela 2.0? The Re-Branding Of Michaela The Poet


Dubbed by one judicious journalist as ‘compelling and inspirational, truly amazing’, Michaela The Poet began writing performance-poetry in her chicken-shed bedroom on the 22nd May 2006, since then, the words she frequently places on common ground to fashion the comical, cheeky, spiritual and matter-of fact poetry she recites has rippled over the UK’s every impulse. After establishing herself as a leading artist in the field of spoken word and now making a skilful transition into music creating her own style and cementing her own pathway, the future for Michaela The Poet who now goes by the name Michaela Coel looks more than promising.

Never failing to hold an audience captive, Michaela The Poet has silenced venues of thousands with the strength of her sporadic stories. From God, to politics, from America to her favourite pair of shoes, whatever the subject, it is impossible to leave the same way you came in when ‘The Birth of a Poet’ hits up a stage!

Now, after a time of hibernation Michaela The Poet has re-emerged out of her cocoon like a butterfly with wings, new colours and new capabilities (like the ability to fly) adding production skills to her list of skills, unique vocals in the form of singing and self-written songs for a BRAND NEW album with a ‘pop-meets-dubstep-meets-acoustic soul’ feel entitled ‘We’re The Losers’ (set for release in September 2011) leaving those who know of her artistry itching for her forthcoming album.

With sounds influenced by her birth place; Brick Lane, artists Chase and Status, Adele and Grace Jones, Coel’s music is progressive, bold and uncompromisingly truthful. The last year or so has been a high-impact ride; she’s won The Cordless Show, Best Female at the GMA’s 09’ & ‘10, and a
Laurence Olivier Award all whilst continuing to train at the exclusive Guildhall School Of Music & Drama.

In conjunction with the Re-Branding of Michaela The Poet to Michaela Coel; Coel who has gone about the name change and re-brand after talks with her educational advisor (who thought it would be a good move as Coel expands into acting, singing and everything else she does) will be launching a NEW WEBSITE www.michaelacoel.com on 18th August 2011 @ 6:00pm. The website will introduce you to her as a singer and actress and will also be a hub of information and interactivity with Coel and her loyal supporters. There’s going to be exclusive information and exclusives on the new album and even a 7 PART BEHIND THE SCENES ‘MAKING OF THE ALBUM’ VIDEO SERIES making the website launch an event not to be missed.

With a winning personality, enough warmth to heat up London in winter and a sense of wisdom that supersedes her years, Michaela Coel is determined to get her music on the world’s radar and is proof of what an unsigned artist with no ‘hook-ups’ can do with a little faith and determination.

Keep an eye out for more information on the new album from Michaela Coel and sneak peeks and further exclusive information.

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