Moriah Peters ‘I Choose Jesus’ Review

Moriah Peters I Choose Jesus Album Review

Moriah Peters is an artist who I stumbled across by chance… I happened to find an acoustic version of her song ‘I Choose Jesus’ and that instantly made me a fan. Moriah seemed to have a quirky Pop/Folk blend going on with soulful vocals and profound lyrics. As a young artist at only 19 years old, I wasn’t sure if ‘I Choose Jesus’ was a diamond in the rough or if her album would feature many more songs that would stick with me…

‘I Choose Jesus’ gets started with ‘Know Us By Our Love,’ an infectious Pop/Folk song that challenged me to my core, leaving me asking myself the question… Do the unsaved people in my sphere of influence know I’m a Christian by my love?

‘Well Done’ had me swaying from side to side and tapping my feet. The music has a natural bounce and gentle, joyful cheer. “Well done, well done, I’m gonna chase You Lord I’m gonna show the world Your love. I’ll run, I’ll run, I’m gonna run this race to hear you say well done,” rings out as the chorus and inspires me to follow what I’m singing with action.

‘I Choose Jesus’ is the title track and the song that made me check out Moriah’s music initially. The arrangement of the song and the instrumentation are attention grabbing pulling you into the song from the simplistic piano melody to the atmospheric pads and string subtleties on which Moriah’s passionate, expressive vocals deliver lyrics that have become my daily declaration… “I choose Jesus, I choose Jesus, the One who first chose me… I choose Jesus, I choose Jesus, for now and eternity.”

The song title that intrigued me the most was ‘Haven’t Even Kissed’. A song about purity in relationships and a desire to have a Godly relationship that many think isn’t possible… One that’s pure. It’s an inspirational song for people who are single or in relationships too. “I have been waiting patiently, I locked up my heart gave God the key. And I’ve had to trust Him for a while, but now I can’t see you and not smile.”

Moriah’s use of metaphors on ‘Glow’ is great in describing the darkness in our world and the light that shines in us. It’s an Acoustic/Pop driven song full of thought provoking lyrics from the onset… “So many lights on in the city, but people still walk in the dark. I watch them as they pass on by me, I hide the truth inside my heart…”

At just over 30 minutes long ‘I Choose Jesus’ flies by. The chirpy, fun and sweet tones of this album have so much character and ooze Moriah’s personality. The depth in her lyrics and the ability to write songs that deal with life and faith while allowing us to have a peek into her life and experiences as a young woman really sets this project apart from many others and have made it a new favourite of mine.

If you’re looking for music with personality with songs based on the Word of God from the heart of someone who is in love with Jesus and has Jesus at the centre of their life… ‘I Choose Jesus’ is a great project to check out.

Track List:

  • I Choose Jesus
  • Know Us By Our Love
  • Well Done
  • Sing In The Rain
  • I Choose Jesus
  • Haven’t Even Kissed
  • All The Ways He Loves Us
  • Glow
  • Miracle
  • No Shame
  • Bloom


Reviewed By Matt Brooks


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    .@MattJABrooks really liked @MoriahPeters ‘I Choose Jesus’ album. Check out his #review here: #Pop #Folk

  2. Adam & Matt Brooks (@mbriomusic)

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    .MattJABrooks really liked @MoriahPeters ‘I Choose Jesus’ album. Check out his #review here: #Pop #Folk

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