‘New Day Live 2012′ Album Review

New Day Live 2012 Album Review

New Day Live 2102 is the album recorded as part of the New Day conference which has attendance of over 7000 people. Usually backed by a label, this album has been released independently and has been produced by Sam Cox who produced Nikki Fletcher’s latest release ‘All Glory’.

The album got going with a bang with 3 three songs that gripped me. From the timeless hymn ‘Amazing Grace’ which has a Rend Collective Experiment feel to it and an awesome addition of “My chains are gone, I’ve been set free, my God, my Saviour has ransomed me…”

‘Our God’ is a modern worship anthem but I’ve never heard it delivered in such a way. Electro-Pop with the addition of rap definitely got me nodding my head. Mr Prince’s rap “Greater, stronger, wiser, our God is higher” got the crowd involved and brought a great energy to the synth driven, atmospheric production on the song.

‘The Mercies Of Our God’ is one of those songs that has strong melodies and uses dynamics well building up big intro’s and chorus’ but dropping deep in the valley to allow the message of the song to come through “Your mercies oh God, cause my mouth to sing to You. Your unending love makes my heart rejoice in You…”

“All I want is You and all that is beneath You cannot satisfy my soul. I was made for You and this heart is restless, till it finds its rest in You…” What can I say about this song… ‘All I Want’ is made by the lyrics and connected with me as I sang “You’re all I want, You’re all I need Jesus” reminding me that nothing else can satisfy me and refocusing my attention of Jesus.

One song I didn’t expect to hear on this album is ‘O Holy Night’. Considering the album was recorded during the summer festival period it seemed a little out of season. However for the album the song has been named ‘Fall On Your Knees’ as that’s the refrain of the song that is sung on the short interlude. On listening to this short refrain it feels concentrated… Although it’s short it’s impacting and surprisingly very worshipful due in part to the way it’s delivered.

I was happy to hear Mr Prince on the album fusing Rap and Worship music (which are still quite separate) but the addition of Guvna B on the last track of the album ‘There Is Dancing’ is a great collaboration. This is a full on Rock song with thick sounding guitars with strong guitar riffs leading the melody lines sounding Deep Purple-esqe (Smoke On The Water) on the half time sections. The contrast of Rap over intense Rock was intriguing to listen to and hearing live rapping on it just sounded really fresh, bringing together 2 popular styles of music.

‘New Day Live 2012’ was better than I expected it to be. Often times festival albums just have lots of the years biggest songs on them sometimes making them feel stale or out-dated. This album has a fresh sound to it and while it does feature some big songs from 2012 (and in general) the approach taken on them is what has made this album sound fresh. Unique and daring arrangements of songs, the addition of Rap and strong Electro-Pop influences make this album stand out from the crowd of live worship albums.

Although this New Day album has been released independently, it hasn’t suffered in terms of production value/quality. It’s full of great musical arrangements and has a great sound and the singers chosen to lead the various songs execute them in a passionate and genuine way bringing you into their experience of worship.

Track List:

  • Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)
  • Our God
  • The Mercies Of Our God
  • Sun Of Righteousness
  • Holding On
  • All I Want
  • Can It Be?
  • Cornerstone
  • Fall On Your Knees
  • Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is
  • There Is Dancing


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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