Nikki Hopkins Found God Serving In Iraq… Now She’s ‘Held By Love’

Nikki Hopkins Found God Serving In Iraq... Now She's Held By Love

Gospel Rock 2011 winner Nikki Hopkins is gearing up to release a brand new EP titled ‘Held By Love’. The singer/songwriter who has shared the stage with Leeland is a breath of fresh air to UK Christian music.

Having found God and her voice while serving in Iraq, Nikki’s story is unique and directly impacts her music. The once rebellious child and Army medic grew up in a Christian home but strayed away through the storms of life.

“At those times, even though I wasn’t walking with God – looking back I know that he’s always been holding me throughout my life.”

All of this and more comes through in the ‘Held By Love’ EP which tackles fear and pain but most of all hope; the hope that comes from the faith Nikki had, lost and found again. These themes are set to Country tinged musical compositions  and delivered in a Contemporary Praise & Worship format.

‘Held By Love’ was recorded alongside Sound Consultancy, the team behind artists such as Philippa Hanna and Jacob Lloyd and produced by Andy Baker.

Nikki Hopkins is embarking on a journey, sharing her music and testimony to inspire and encourage people with her own life’s experiences.

“To be honest, throughout this whole journey I’ve not really had an agenda of my own – I’ve let God lead the way.”

The ‘Held By Love’ EP is being prepared for release now and will be accompanied by a music video.

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