Paul Anthony Releases Single ‘We Are Here’ Ahead Of Album ‘Purpose’

Paul Anthony Releases Single We Are Here Ahead Of Album Purpose

Paul Anthony, songwriter, singer and Pastor/Visionary of Expressions Of Worship church (and music ministry) has released his debut single ‘We Are Here’ taken from his album ‘Purpose’ due for release on 30th November 2013.

‘We Are Here’ is a worship song that was birthed from a place of recognition and submission to the will of God, capturing the beauty of true worship, simple lyrics but effective in communicating the essence of real purpose.

Each song on ‘Purpose’ is musically diverse but coherent as a body of work, relaying the faithful journey to discovering God’s promised destination.

Through ‘Purpose’ Paul Anthony seeks to change lives telling an untold story and takes listeners on a journey into their purpose as he unveils his. The album introduces hope, unmasks faith, and establishes peace as it details the reality of life’s challenges. It takes listeners to a place of intimacy with God in worship, and brings them to the realization of God’s sovereignty in every situation to save and redeem despite the opposition.

Paul Anthony has collaborated with noteable artists and writers who have contributing to the writing of songs on ‘Purpose’ such as Stuart Dooley (‘Oh How Precious’) and Israel Tomlinson (‘Never Be Apart’ and ‘Never Forget’). These songs convey the condition of the heart during the process of discovering purpose. ‘Purpose’ is set to the tune of Rock, Soul, R&B, Dance and more and features a collaboration with MOBO Award nominated rapper Faith Child.

The diversity in the music on ‘Purpose’ and the collection of sounds tell a story while showcasing the different sides of God in the life of Paul Anthony and the different things he has been through. The album describes how he made it through and how he overcame.

For Paul Anthony ‘Purpose’ is more than a statement; it is a destination, a fulfilled ambition and an acknowledgement of existence.

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