Pearl ‘Reflection’ Review

Pearl Reflection EP Review

I was happy to get ‘Reflection’ from a young artist called Pearl as it was a Soul EP… Not getting much Christian soul submissions I welcomed this one with open arms and hope of it being a great musical project.

‘More Than’ sets the tone of the EP with a real, organic and pure sound. I love the instrumentation of the track and how the subtle guitar lines contrast with the bold, bright guitar rhythms that drive the song. The use of an upright bass handling the lower tones with the symphonic bells that added a spectrum of colour to the higher register all made for a beautiful composition. Of course the most important part of it all was the message… “I want more than, material things… I want more than more money, I want more than this world can offer me,” really emphasising that it’s not the material things of this world that matter but a relationship with God.

The title track ‘Reflection’ takes on a really laid-back and relaxed approach with a really warm and soulful sound and a powerful message. “May they see, see Your reflection when they look at me, when they look, into my eyes… May they see, see who I’m seeking, when they look at me, into my eyes,” provided the chorus for the song and as I was mesmerised by the sheer sultry, smooth melodies and harmonies and how it was all put together.

‘Love Of Jesus’ switched up the feel a bit with a Latin influenced guitar intro although this didn’t carry on into the song… I love how this song built up and at each stage in the song the music seemed to build, keeping my attention and making me listen out for every subtle change and nuance in the music. Being reminded of the fact that “There is nothing that can separate me from the love of Jesus, love of Jesus… There is nothing that can separate me or take me away,” – I love how the song ended with a big crescendo with an open, deep, driving Soulful Rock approach.

‘One Of A Kind’ is a brief interlude that I honestly wish lasted longer…. Again I got consumed in the music, almost feeling like I was in a café listening to the song performed live being able to visualize the percussionist, guitarist and Pearl delivering the song in front of an audience swaying to the bright, buoyant and jubilant tones Pearl’s voice and the music.

It’s not every day that an artist writes a song asking God to ‘Humble Me’ and in this case, Pearl is really going for a “He must increase, but I must decrease” (John 3:30 KJV) message, asking God to humble us and in her words “take me to the days of a child-like faith.” Pearl’s voice shines as she effortlessly hits the higher notes in such a smooth and sweet sounding fashion that has been consistent throughout the whole project.

After listening to ‘Reflection’ I can honestly say that I was impressed from beginning to end… As a musician I loved the organic musicality and arrangements of the music and as someone who also just enjoys this EP I found it fun, relaxing and soothing to listen too. Pearl’s is clean and crisp, yet warm and smooth and while she doesn’t showcase all of her vocal acrobatics she does enough to keep you interested and in awe of her talent.

The depth of her lyrics and the strong scriptural foundations are awesome too and while she is a great singer her writers pen should not be underestimated… Listening to the way she’s put words together and the message she manages to convey will affirm the believer but also intrigue someone who doesn’t yet know the Lord which is something I find absolutely amazing!

If you’re a Soul music lover, i think there’s a lot that you’ll enjoy on ‘Reflection’. Even if you’re just a music lover i think this EP will win you over… I’m looking forward to a full-length project and this EP is enough to convince me that it will be great.

Track List:

  • More Than
  • Reflection
  • Love Of Jesus
  • One Of A Kind
  • Humble Me
Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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