Philippa Hanna Announces New Album

Philippa Hanna Announces New Album

Resound Media artist Philippa Hanna has announced that she is working on a brand album.

In a blog post to fans/supporters the ‘Return To Love’ singer/songwriter said,

“Finally, the new project is in production! I’m so excited to share new songs with you,” says Philippa.

“I’d describe the new album as a mysterious journey into the unknown and out into daylight on the other side. There are lots of hints towards famous folk tales with themes of poisoned apples, Kings and Princes, cherry coloured coats and sailers lost at sea. I like to search for the meaning behind a story. This project has allowed me to write in my own meanings!

Philippa, who is currently supporting Lionel Richie on a UK arena tour released ‘Watching Me’ in 2007, 2nd album ‘Taste’ in 2009, a Bluegrass EP ‘Out Of The Blue’ in 2011 followed by her most recent single ‘I Am Amazing’ in 2011.

“I’ve always loved story time and this is my own collection of tales. Stay tuned for an exciting video announcement containing release details, the album title and a way you can get on board with the journey!”

Philippa currently undertakes over 100 performances a year, works closely with the charity Compassion, has appeared on BBC’s Songs Of Praise (and is set to re-appear on the program soon) and has even established her own charity project, The Raggedy Doll Foundation.

When Philippa isn’t on the road she is usually in the Steel Works studio writing with Eliot Kennedy and his accomplished team. Recently she has worked with Mel C, Janet Devlin and Craig Colton to name but a few.

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