‘Through The Woods’ The New Album From Philippa Hanna

Through The Woods The New Album From Philippa Hanna

The announcement of Phillipa Hanna’s new album titled ‘Through The Woods’ (due for release in 2013) has come with much excitement and anticipation from her loyal fans and the legion of new fans picked up on Philiipa’s current UK arena tour supporting Lionel Richie.

Since Philippa’s debut offering ‘Watching Me’ released in 2007 she has taken the UK, Europe and even Asia by storm.

The new album ‘Through The Woods’ is the soundtrack to the next chapter of Philippa’s enthralling narrative of music, life, inspiration and faith. On this whimsical, Folk inspired adventure, you’ll meet wolves, swim with sharks and resist poisoned apples, eventually finding your way through the shadows and into the light of a new day.

These songs join the dots between fairytales and ancient truths engaging your senses all the while reminding that you – the leading character in your own story are AMAZING!

Although Philippa has achieved astonishing levels of success and notoriety within the music industry, she has done it all by the grace and favour of God, hard work, great music and strong management with no label/financial backing.

Philippa, along with her team, Resound Media, have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to go towards the production of ‘Through The Woods’. Anyone who “pledges” the campaign by donating will receive a range of rewards for doing so from a signed album to the opportunity to record a song with Philippa in the studio.

‘Through The Woods’ is being recorded at one of UK’s top recording facilities with an outstanding production team. Philippa wants to see these songs hit airwaves all around the world allowing ‘Through The Woods’ to become a lighthouse; a beacon that helps people find their way safely home. Each contribution throws fuel on the flames, enabling us to burn brighter on the journey. Your pledge is your ticket aboard!