Philippa Hanna To Release New Single ‘I Am Amazing’ 28/11/11


Philippa Hanna is one of our favourite artists… Why? Her ability to write quality songs with lyrical depth and the unique way she manages to tell stories through song and engage listeners with her music are phenomenal. Philippa is also a great musician and in our opinion that’s always a good thing. It allows the artist to not only express themselves lyrically, but also add that extra bit of who they are… You could say their DNA into the music.

Philippa has been hard at work this year touring all over the UK and also releasing one ‘Out Of The Blue’ a 6 track ‘mini album’ that brought something unique, different and unexpected to the UK music scene… Bluegrass. ‘Out Of The Blue’ is full of real, authentic, acoustic instruments and has a raw musicality and natural sound which has got lost somewhere in between auto-tune and synthesizers.

Now we’re happy to announce that Philippa is at it again and on 28th November 2011 will be releasing a BRAND NEW single ‘I Am Amazing’ accompanied by a music video (preview below). The song, which has struck a chord with audiences around the world, is giving a voice to people wanting to break free from a sense of low self-image.

The digital single release at the end of this month will be coupled with the unveiling of a powerful music video featuring members of public writing something positive about themselves.

“It’s harder than ever these days to accept your so-called ‘imperfections’, when bombarded by images of airbrushed celebrities and size-zero models,” says Philippa who penned the music and lyrics with multi-platinum selling songwriter Chris Eaton.

The song was also selected by a group of Sheffield school- girls as the theme of their ‘Beauty is Unique’ campaign which took them to The Houses of Parliament after winning a regional Business Studies Award and inspired X-Factor music director Eliot Kennedy to have the track mixed at his own studio in South Yorkshire.

“The media feeds us a stereotype of what ‘attractive’ looks like. But I believe that each one of us is beautiful and unique. Every time I sing the song it serves as a reminder!”

Philippa embarks upon a 40-date Coffee Shop Tour this coming February and March with her guitarist Roo Walker.

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  1. mbriomusic

    December 2, 2011 at 12:28 pm

    You have got to LOVE @philippahanna she is awesome, looking forward to the next album…

  2. Adam Brooks (@AdamBrux) (@AdamBrux)

    December 2, 2011 at 12:25 pm

    Have you heard @PhilippaHanna ‘s New Single ‘I Am Amazing’ via @mbriomusic it is #AMAZING

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