Rapture Ruckus Announce 2 Independent EP’s For 2014

Rapture Ruckus Announce 2 Independent EP's For 2014

New Zealand Dance Pop/Hip Hop act Rapture Ruckus is heading back to the studio to record two new EPs (a big Pop EP and a more stripped-back Rock EP) to be released in 2014.

Taking on the task of being an independent act without the support of a label, Rapture Ruckus have launched an IndieGoGo Campaign that they are hoping will help them raise $30,000 to produce the 2 EP’s.

“We are FINALLY back in the studio, writing and working on new music. Next year we will be releasing 2 brand-new EP’s, and we want YOU to do it with us,” they share.

“We’ve spent the last few years touring hard and made so many new friends along the way, people from all walks of life who have shared their stories and lives with us. We love making music for you all. Recently some things have changed for us. Most importantly our New Zealand-based record label is no longer continuing their existence as a label, and so it now falls to us to FUND our own recordings. We still have a global distribution network via our US distributor but as of now, no albums for them to distribute… That’s where this Indiegogo campaign comes in.”

“We could approach some labels here in the US to sign us, and to “advance” the money needed to record new music. This however comes with many strings attached, and honestly would mean giving over control of the music and words we create.”

“Earlier this year we successfully funded a music video (via Indiegogo) for our song ‘In Crowd,’ and have seen an outstanding response to that song and its message. The video has had over 110,000 views in just a couple of months since release, it has been selected by MTV for their program The Freshmen, and every day we receive letters from people who have been encouraged… who feel bolder or more hopeful because of that song.”

To support the Rapture Ruckus EP projects and their ministry at large, donate on Indiegogo HERE!!!

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