Red Roots | Interview | Triplets Rooted In Family, Faith & Music

Red Roots | Interview | Triplets Rooted In Faimly, Faith & Music

The lives of three, red-headed, identical triplet sisters are best summed up in the band name Red Roots. Nika, Natalie and Nicole are currently promoting their sophomore album release ‘Middle Of Nowhere’ which showcases their sweet Pop-Country sound and inspirational messages that they have developed over the years. Their journey of growth can be heard and seen through the Red Roots, but was ultimately shaped by their “roots” of family, faith, and music.

What is your experience of being (not only sisters but) triplets?

Nika: “Well it’s really all we’ve ever known. We feel like 3 sisters, but a bonus you get to have 2 friends with you all the time. We went through school together and always had someone to sit by at lunch. We always have someone to talk to, but we’ve always had to share a lot; but we’re used to it.  I would rather share than not have them. ;)”

You look alike, sound alike and possibly even think alike… How did each of you find your own identity?

Nicole: “Really it just came natural like with most families. Even though we share our core moral values, we have different opinions on everything else. And though we were born only minutes apart, our birth order really shows through. I (Nicole) am the oldest. I get accused of being bossy sometimes ha, and I’m usually the first one to speak up about things. And a lot of people think I am edgy when it comes to taste in style. Natalie is the middle sister and is definitely the bookworm/genius one out of us three girls. She is a really hard worker, and she has the classy/girly-girl style. Nika is the baby out of us three sisters ha. She is the free-spirit/funny one out of us three. She is our lead singer and sometimes I think she can get away with anything.”

What do you think makes you special/different/causes you to stand out?

Natalie: “I think I am the most different.  I like to always be on task, I go to sleep earlier, and I feel like I’m always focused and preparing for my next goal. I also like to dress up and shop. I’m not as goofy as the other two. They’ll be singing and dancing in the mirror, so I just stand there and roll my eyes.”

What would you say to the person who struggles to fit in and so wants to be like everyone else just to be accepted?

Nika: “Sometimes it’s good that you don’t fit in. Never compromise your faith or yourself just to fit in. High school is only 4 years of your life and some of the decisions you make then will affect you the rest of your life. Just find the friends that won’t bring you down, and don’t worry about who is the most popular person you can hang out with. Everyone else, I would say that Jesus didn’t fit in with the most popular. He hung out with tax collectors, lepers, adulterers, and just others that other people looked down on. This life is not about the most friends you can make. It’s about showing the most love to people.”

Where does the conviction of your faith come from?

Nicole: “The conviction of my faith comes from a constant need to be in Gods word and prayer. I feel when I don’t stay in God’s word, my conviction starts to soften: and if I spend a lot of time around other believers, time in prayer, and time in the Bible, I definitely can hear God’s voice of conviction louder. It is something that I want and need everyday for guidance in making decisions and in influencing others with. I feel as a Christian artist I have a responsibility to be the best I can be in order to reflect God’s love so that others can be inspired to do the same.”

Do you remember what it was that caused you to make the decision to fully give your life to God?

Natalie: “Yes. God revealed to me that I needed his forgiveness, and I wasn’t as good as I thought I was. I thought that since I hadn’t done all these super bad things and was doing supposedly “good” things then God was lucky to have me. It all changed when God broke me down and showed me how bad I really was, and that’s when I realized how bad I really needed Him.”

How have you seen “Red Roots” (the metaphor of it standing for the blood of Jesus) at work in your life?

Nika: “Well the name Red Roots comes from our Red hair but most importantly it comes from our faith that is rooted in the blood of Christ. We grew up with Christian parents and their foundation on the Bible really I feel like introduced us to our faith that now we all share, and we’ve really all grown in our foundation together.”

Your most recent album is titled ‘Middle Of Nowhere’… Where did that title come from and what does it mean?

Nicole: “The title comes from a song that we wrote with our friend, Amy Lewis. We wrote the song as a prayer to God asking Him to take the listener/us out of the ‘Middle Of Nowhere’. The ‘Middle Of Nowhere’ represents a place with no peace and a place with no love. That is how people feel when they hit rock bottom without God. Or that is how Christians feel sometimes when they haven’t heard God’s voice in a long time. It’s a prayer of repentance and help.”

What song on the album epitomizes ‘Middle Of Nowhere’ and why?

Natalie: “The song ‘The Middle Of Nowhere’ emphasizes that we are lost without being close to God. People who have never given their lives to Christ are still living life with no purpose and true love, so they are always going to come up empty in their lives. Christians who have ignored God’s will and direction for their lives also can feel this way in missing out on the true contentment and joy that comes from being “in tune” with Christ.”

What do you hope people who listen to your music will take away from it?

Nika: “What I hope people will take away when they listen to our music, that they are not alone in this world.  God sent his perfect son Jesus Christ to die on the cross, so we could live. No matter what you’ve done, you can be forgiven,  Just ask God to forgive you and live for him.  It’s a daily surrender for me, but I have a peace and joy with God that I never had until I gave my life to him.”

Are you working on any exciting new projects?

Nicole: “We have been gathering/writing a lot of songs for our new album that we are planning on recording this year. We weren’t planning on making a full one this soon because we didn’t have very many songs in our bag to start the year with. But in a very short period of time, God really blessed us with amazing songs from others and songs that we were fortunate to co-write on with friends. So we decided that since we had so many songs that we felt like were “the songs for us”, we wanted to get recorded and get more out there.”

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