Ricardo ‘Rocstarr’ Williams ‘SoundCheck’ Review


Can somebody give me Rocstarr’s number please? I want to have a word with him, because music this good shouldn’t be free.  Ok, I’ve set out my stall pretty early, but for a Mix-Tape this is impressive. Very impressive.

‘SoundCheck’ is the free download from Ricardo ‘Rocstarr’ Williams.  The singer hails from London and names Tank and Dave Hollister among some of his musical influnces.  It’s hard for listeners to miss the R&B influence on Rocstarr’s music as this Mix-Tape holds tracks that are reminiscent of such R&B artists.  ‘Take Me Back’ being one of the tracks that exemplifies this.

The free 16-track download also features an impressive roster of artists who guest feature including E.Tizz, Logic, Utter Once and Riccardo Mitchell (who features on one of my personal favourites – ‘One More Day’).

‘Supastarr’ has one of those beats that sounds REALLY good on a great system.  Could be in your car, through your home theatre or pretty much anywhere.  Chances are you will be singing along tirelessly, so be prepared to have this one stuck in your head.

‘Never Late’ is another noteworthy offering on the Mix-Tape. While not as up-tempo as some of the other tracks, it still holds it’s own and Rocstarr’s vocals on it are very nice.

It’s hard to pick out just a few tracks to name-check in this review, but listeners should also be sure to check out ‘More Of You’ feat. Ryan Carty, ‘C.H.R.I.S.T.I.A.N.’ feat. Victizzle, ‘Thank You Lord’ feat Aarron Forbes and ‘999’.

As if all this free goodness wasn’t enough, there are also some bonus tracks thrown in.  The ‘Chance’ remix being one of my favourites and I look forward to hearing Gospel DJs playing this one regularly at Gospel nights across the country.

‘SoundCheck’ is a very strong project.  One of the only criticisms being it could benefit from a better audio mix (I am no sound engineer, but some songs lacked clarity and balance in places).  However, given that nobody has to pay a penny to get this, I think we could live with that?

Given the current Mix-Tape overload we’re currently in – where just about everyone from established artists to those trying to make it are releasing them – this is one certainly worth the disc space on your MP3 player.  You have nothing to lose, it’s free and it 16 tracks of good, solid music.  Bearing in mind most paid albums these days only have 10 tracks, this is a win-win for music fans.  Good vocals accompanied by good production, makes this overall a pretty fantastic Mix-Tape.

(Now, who is going to give me Rocstarr’s number? I still don’t understand why something this good is free…)

Track List:

  • Look Back
  • Nobody Feat. E-Tizz
  • Living Life (Interlude)
  • Take Me Back
  • Follow Me Feat. Logic & Utter Once
  • One More Day Feat. Riccardo Mitchell
  • Chance
  • Supastarr
  • 999
  • Calling
  • Never Late
  • More Of You Feat. Ryan Carty
  • C.H.R.I.S.T.I.A.N Feat. Victizzle
  • Thank You Lord Feat. Aarron Forbes
  • Chance (Remix) – Terron Murray
  • Never Late (Remix) – Kriswontwo


Reviewed By Rayna Miller

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